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Prime Burger’s journey began with discovering the perfect burger at a diner in the United States. They brought home the concept to Sweden, and today it’s a chain with seven restaurants spread over central Stockholm. The idea is simple: premium burgers at nice prices. A philosophy that has put Prime Burger on Stockholm’s hamburger map.

The menu is American style with a buffet of big beef (of course there are also vegetarian options) with extra everything toppings, crispy sweet potatoes fries, milkshakes, and donuts for dessert. Does it make your mouth water? Quench your thirst with American beers or a tasty cocktail – why not a Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.

Prime Burger works just as well for a casual Thursday date as a pit stop before going to the movies with a group of friends or dinner with the family. Cozy booths, an all-American coziness, and a mouth-watering menu at friendly prices make this a real hamburger gem.

Welcome to Prime Burger!

Top 3 reasons to visit

Premium burgers at nice prices

Friendly American diner atmosphere

Vegan options for all burgers



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Prime Burger – brings people in Stockholm together with burgers and American-inspired food

Premium burgers, crispy fries, and wallet-friendly – Prime Burger is a foodie’s wet dream. Today, you’ll find the American-inspired hamburger chain’s restaurants in seven places around Stockholm, and they have a natural place on the city’s burger map.

After a visit to the US and the classic Jackson Hole in New York, with exclusive burgers on the menu, Rolf Lardinger, Micke Karlsson, and Camilla Bergqvist wanted more and decided to bring the concept home to Sweden. In April 2013, the doors to the first Prime Burger restaurant on Birger Jarlsgatan opened.

Today, with new owners at the helm, they have expanded to as many as seven restaurants located in different districts in Stockholm: Vasastan, City, Kungsholmen, Södermalm, Östermalm, Gullmarsplan, and Hammarby Sjöstad.

The concept is simple: high quality at friendly prices. The philosophy is that you should be able to eat well without creating holes in your wallet. And it’s a winning concept – Prime Burger has a natural position on Stockholm’s hamburger scene.

“We can proudly say that we work with extra fine ingredients without additives. We mince the meat ourselves every day; a mixture of rib, brisket, and the finest minced meat. The bread is also essential. We get freshly baked potato bread delivered to us every morning,” says Anton Issa, co-owner and operations manager at Prime Burger.

Prime Burger Stockholm

Expect messy but charming beef patties served in neat paper wraps. Rustic giants that make your mouth water. So, what’s the secret behind a good burger?

“Good roasting surface and juiciness. All burgers are made to order, so you can get it just the way you want,” says Anton.

The menu is every foodie’s dream – from ‘The Butcher’ with mozzarella, caramelized onion, bacon, chipotle, and mayonnaise to ‘California Dreamin’ with halloumi, avocado, pickled red onion, and cabbage. However, the restaurant’s best-seller is ‘Original Prime Burger’ – 2x 100 g meat and cheddar, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, and dressing. They also have popular plant-based options such as ‘Queen Noah’s Park’ and ‘Respect My Truffle.’ You can have all the burgers on the menu in a vegetarian version.

The burgers are combined with sides such as onion rings, Mac’n’Cheese, and crispy sweet potato fries. If you want to maximize the American Diner experience, you should go for a milkshake; why not the Oreo milkshake or ‘Antonio Bananas’ with salted caramel and banana ice cream. And if you feel a little extra mischievous, you can also top the shake with a splash of rum.

The little more traditional person can choose from a wide range of American beers, wine, and cocktails with quirky names. Who doesn’t get cravings for a ‘Whiskey Tango Foxtrot’ or ‘Support Your Local Psycho?’

Prime Burger hamburgare

The restaurants’ atmosphere is relaxed and modern with a US interior style theme. Of course, you will find classic booths where you can hang out with your buddies to eat burgers or share a strawberry milkshake with your Friday date.

If you’re close to Hötorget, Prime Burger’s city restaurant is a great choice if you’re, for example, going to the movies or another event nearby. It’s also good for families. An extra plus is that all smaller children get crayons to draw on the paper tablecloth – a perfect distraction operation at the dinner table.

If you want to arrange an event, you can do so at the Folkungagatan restaurant in Södermalm. There you have the opportunity to book a separate part of the premises for groups of up to 30 people.

Juicy burgers, good prices, open seven days a week at seven different locations around Stockholm. What’s not to like? Welcome!

Sponsored article in collaboration with Prime Burger.