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Melt Bar & Restaurant – a unique restaurant experience with world-class entertainment

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Melt Bar & Restaurant is a completely unique restaurant experience you won’t find anywhere else in Stockholm. When you enter the door of this 1920s-inspired restaurant in the middle of the city, you suddenly find yourself in the old days of burlesque and are blown away by the artists’ performances and the acrobats’ elegance. With eye-catching costumes, glitter, sequins, and feathers, this bar enchants you with much more than just good food and drinks.

Melt Bar is located in central Stockholm, and here the waiters not only serve food but they dance, sing, and encourage joy and euphoria. And as long as you stick to the rules of the game, you’re welcome to get involved in the show. The atmosphere is always on top, and the people behind the glitter encourage everyone to cheer on and participate in the fun.

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At a table with exclusive drinks or bottles in paper bags, you take part in the show that keeps going until closing time (a time that varies). The restaurant reminds you of a speakeasy from the 1920s and 1930s. These mysterious and secret – but illegal – underground clubs were created with entrances in dark alleys or basements. But the fact that they were illegal didn’t stop the visitors or their popularity.

Melt Bar has really captured the speakeasy feeling from the past. You’re invited to an evening full of surprises with dancing waiters, artistic shows, often with international artists, and vibrant music. You never know who will perform on stage during the evening.

In short, Melt Bar is an unforgettable experience for everyone who’s in the mood for food and world-class entertainment – a wonderful mix of burlesque shows, cabaret, elegant cocktails, and eclectic cuisine. It’s open on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, but once you get inside the door, you’re guaranteed to forget both space and time.

A guest favorite is the large crystal punch bowls with cute teacups so you can share your cocktail with up to ten people. The menu has well-selected options, usually fish, meat, and vegetarian/vegan options. For starters, you can get a Toast Skagen, soup, or carpaccio, and for the main course, they serve sassy beef, bacon-wrapped chicken, fried cod, or vegan crispy cauliflower, among others. The desserts offer delicacies such as chocolate fondant, the vintage classic fried camembert, or a vegan blueberry pie with cream.

If you are tired of the modern rooftop bars, the quiet pianists, the Scandinavian minimalism-styled restaurants, and all the other trendy things you see everywhere, you will love Melt Bar. With its unique black decor, friendly but eccentric feel, spectacular shows, burlesque with a delicate choreography, fantastic cocktails, and great food, this gem will undoubtedly become your new secret favorite club. It’s wonderfully “un-Swedish” and not moderate in any way. On the contrary – everyone can be as they want, so take the opportunity to run free and live in the present when you get the chance. After all, that was what once maintained the popularity of the speakeasies – that it was a bit forbidden, a bit taboo, but well worth the risk.

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Top 3 reasons to visit

Burlesque - if it's not your thing already, it will be

A unique restaurant and show experience in Stockholm

Luxurious cocktails in large punch bowls that up to 10 people can share



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