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Mellow Bar – affordable, good and genuinely homemade food in a relaxed atmosphere

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Around the corner from Sankt Eriksplan, you find the neighborhood bistro Mellow Bar. Here you can have a casual dinner for two, or a more luxurious one together with your colleagues. The menu is French with Swedish influences, such as Moules Frites, veal meatballs with cream sauce and potato puree, or steak tartare on beef mince.

In the wine menu, you will find many excellent French wines, but also some South African, Italian, and Argentinian. After dinner, you can round off the evening by going down the spiral staircase to the Polynesian bar Tiki Room. In the summers, Mellow Bar has small tables in front of the restaurant, and more secluded, on the side of the restaurant, there is also a large outdoor seating.

Welcome to Mellow Bar!

Top 3 reasons to visit

Good French food with Swedish influences

Cozy and relaxed environment

The bar Tiki Room in the basement

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Mellow Bar – a French gem in Vasastan

A brick wall against light grey wood panelling and large windows towards Birkagatan. Black bistro chairs, wooden table tops and candle holders in glass cups. Mellow Bar is a neighborhood bistro with a relaxed atmosphere. It opened in 1982 and has been located in the same place ever since.

This is a neighborhood bistro that you can visit every day and sit down at a small table for two. But you can also have a three-course dinner in a larger company. In addition to the regulars that live nearby, and co-workers who want to have a delicious dinner together, many tourists also visit the restaurant.

The menu is French, with a Swedish touch. A standing classic, recommended by the chef, is Cœur de Filet Provençale, a dish for two with roasted tenderloin, raw-fried potatoes, butter provençale, baked tomato and haricot verts. Other dishes are Escargots Provençale, Tartare on steak, capris, red onion and cress, and Moules Frites with aioli. Among the Swedish dishes you’ll find, among other things, veal meatballs with cream sauce, potato puree, sliced cucumber and lingonberry. Try a cheese tray for dessert, or rhubarb tarte – a hot rhubarb pie with cardamom crumble and vanilla ice cream.

Although the wine menu mostly contains French wines, you can also find some South African, Italian and Argentinian wines. But regardless of the origin of the wine, the staff have a good knowledge of what is served.

The secret behind the tasty dishes, except that they’re cooked from scratch, are good ingredients. Among other things, Mellow Bar uses fresh fish and tenderized meat.

“We consider it good service to use good ingredients and still the keep prices down,” says Johanna Sun, restaurant manager.

Of course that leads to a smaller profit margin, she explains, but the guests get much more value for their money. But even though affordable food of good quality can be seen as good service in itself, it’s not enough. Therefore, Mellow Bar also makes sure that the staff maintain a high level of service. A proof for doing a good job is the returning regulars.

In the summer, Mellow opens its large outdoor seating which is located on the side of the restaurant. For those who want more of the French atmosphere, there are also small tables at the front of the restaurant. Every day between 4 and 6 pm, Mellow Bar has after work. During these hours the prices at the bar are extra beneficial – both on beverages with and without alcohol.

And if you want to continue the evening, just take the stairs down to Tiki Room, a polynesian bar that serves tropical drinks to the tones of exotica and rockabilly.



+46 (0)8 33 15 55

Opening Hours

Monday 4 pm – 11 pm
Tuesday 4 pm – 11 pm
Wednesday 4 pm – 11 pm
Thursday 4 pm – 11 pm
Friday 4 pm – 1 am
Saturday 4 pm – 1 am
Sunday closed

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