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Maxos – Offering Kungsholmen’s best hummus and falafel

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You are heartily welcomed into the Palestinian warmth to feast on authentic food prepared with inspiration from the city of Akko – the gastronomic epicenter of Palestine. The family-owned restaurant Maxos Kungsholmen, located on Scheelegatan 13, is soon to enter its 20th year as Stockholm’s falafel and hummus pride. Literally, everyone finds something tasty here.

Crowded, cozy, atmospheric, and delicious – just as it should be. Because at Maxos Kungsholmen, the food is prepared with love. Here you can try a range of yummy dishes, everything from tasty shawarma with shredded lamb entrecote, hummus, sweet potato, fried cauliflower, salad, onion, parsley, pickles, amba, and chili sauce, to vegan foul made from fava beans and a variety of fresh vegetables.

Well worth mentioning is the homemade hummus. It is a fact that the quality of a kitchen can be measured by the taste and texture of the hummus. That the hummus plate is one of the restaurant’s signature dishes, therefore speaks for itself.

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For meat lovers, there is also a range of delicious options on both plate and bread, including lamb spiced with shawarma and chicken rubbed with a family secret spice blend. Not to be forgotten is the North African lamb sausage merguez which takes the taste buds on a wonderful adventure. Crispy börek is available with three different fillings – minced meat, spinach, and feta cheese, and potatoes and onions – meaty, vegetarian, and vegan.

And then there’s “the hidden gem in the menu” or as it says on the menu, the Palestinian wedding rice. The rice is flavored with cinnamon and cardamom, topped with the pickled mango sauce amba, the green chili and coriander sauce schug, tomato, cucumber, and pickled red cabbage.

Of course, there is baklava baked on-site, for those with a sweet tooth. Here, too, it becomes clear how vital it is that it’s homemade. Drink lemonana with your meal, a lemonade refreshed by fresh mint. Afterward, the Palestinian coffee, sweet and spicy with cardamom, is perfect.

In addition to the restaurant, Maxos offers takeaway and catering services. The catering menu consists of a vegetarian buffet and a meat buffet. Both buffets come in all the colors of the rainbow and consist of everything Palestine has to offer – and more. All guests are guaranteed to leave fully satisfied. Call or email to get the help you need.

So what is it that makes Maxos stand out? The knowledge, the choice of ingredients, and the fact that everything is prepared from scratch clearly contribute to the taste experience being something out of the ordinary. The fact that everything is prepared and served with joy doesn’t hurt either. Thank goodness that Mohsen Kersh, founder of Maxos, chose to bring his culinary heritage and love of Palestinian cuisine to Stockholm. Now you only have to go to Kungsholmen to taste the perfect falafel.

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Top 3 reasons to visit

The cozy, atmospheric ambiance

Authentic Palestinian food, cooked from scratch

The personal touch that permeates the entire menu



+46 (0)76 036 77 18

Opening hours

Monday 11 am – 8 pm
Tuesday 11 am – 8 pm
Wednesday 11 am – 8 pm
Thursday 11 am – 8 pm
Friday 11 am – 8 pm
Saturday closed
Sunday closed

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