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Limogroup – professional limousine service for exclusive travel in Stockholm

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A responsive, courteous, and discreet driver you can trust 100%. That picks you up exactly when you want and makes sure you arrive at your destination smoothly and conveniently. That delivers personal service and customized solutions for all occasions in state-of-the-art and luxury-equipped vehicles. Undoubtedly, Limogroup offers the most exclusive way to travel in Stockholm.

Are you in Stockholm on a business trip and want to be picked up at Arlanda Airport and driven quickly and smoothly to your hotel on Strandvägen? Do you have a busy day with many stops and want to hire a driver who is on standby for a whole day? Maybe you want a guided tour of Stockholm together with an authorized guide where you can comfortably drive around to all the city’s sights and hidden gems? Or do you have a demanding professional position that requires several daily trips where a private driver is a must?

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No matter what your transport needs look like, Limogroup can deliver a perfect solution that takes your travel to the next level with class and style. And this is something completely different from the traditional taxi company. Here you get an exclusive limousine service with professional drivers, top-class personal service, and total flexibility that’s just as much an experience as a transport. You can just relax, sit back, and enjoy the journey. Everything is also monitored 24/7 by a traffic management so that both the transportation and things around it always work flawlessly.

The key to Limogroup’s unique experience is the drivers. They make all the difference. Limogroup is drivers with cars, not a car company with drivers. Their customers choose them because they want their type of driver. The customers are picky, have high demands, and want significantly more than just being driven from point A to B. And you can tell that they’re satisfied by all returning customers – who usually want the same driver as they had last time. It’s about security – knowing who the driver is and what you get – and most customers come via recommendations today. A good reputation spreads.

So who are these competent drivers who ensure that your trip becomes an extraordinary experience with care, reliability, and discretion? In addition to finding their way in Stockholm like in their own pocket, they are certified in advanced driving, continue their training regularly, and speak both fluent English and Swedish (other language skills can also be arranged if necessary). The drivers also value quality, security, and work under total confidentiality—all for your complete safety.

The exclusive vehicle selection with 14 vehicles is of the highest class. Limogroup offers the latest vehicle models with comfort, elegance, and technology in top quality. The range includes First class models for 1-3 passengers with black leather seats, WiFi, a built-in TV, and a mobile charger, as well as luxury VIP buses for up to 70 people. Of course, you and your party can also have refreshments on board if you wish. In short, you get everything you could want for high-quality transport. And more.

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Top 3 reasons to use the service

Responsive, courteous, and discreet drivers you can trust 100%

Customized transport solutions with a private driver who takes you where you want when you want

Luxury vehicles with all conveniences



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