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You have probably seen them, the kayaks that glide along the deep blue waters of Riddarfjärden in the summer evenings or along the shoreline out in the archipelago. Quietly and elegantly, they cut through the water and do not disturb either nature or wildlife. It looks so lovely and of course, you’d like to try, but…

Have you refrained from trying kayaking because of all the expensive equipment you need, because you’ve heard it’s difficult and dangerous, or because it takes so much dragging and transportation? With KAYAKOMAT you can forget all the hard work and set out and paddle just when and where it suits you!

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KAYAKOMAT is a company that has placed single and tandem kayaks and SUP (stand-up paddle boards) in unmanned racks at strategic locations around Sweden. In Stockholm, there are about 20 depots in and around the city, from Ängbybadet in the west to Björkviks havsbad in the east, from Vaxholm in the north to Ornö in the south. In the city center, you’ll find a KAYAKOMAT in Stora Essingen, Hagaparken, Pampas, and Gröndal.

Each KAYAKOMAT has 12 kayaks or SUP boards, and they are available 24/7. You can easily book through the website and receive a code on SMS that you use to unlock the place and pick up the kayak. In each kayak there is a life jacket, a paddle, and a spray skirt, so now it’s just a matter of getting out there and experiencing Stockholm from the water – the way the city and its surroundings are meant to be seen.

But, it is actually that simple? And must you not have paddled before? Yes, it’s really easy and it’s perfectly fine to be a beginner. All kayaks come from Point 65, Sweden’s leading manufacturer of kayaks. They are stable and good beginner kayaks. If you’ve never paddled before, you can start by watching the instructional videos on KAYAKOMAT’s website. Here you will get practical tips on how to proceed and what to consider before heading out.

Choose a windless day – perhaps a quiet morning or a beautiful sunset – and never paddle alone. It is easy to find nice, quiet places to paddle everywhere in the Stockholm area. On the website, there are suggestions for nice places to paddle at each KAYAKOMAT. Information about the nearest parking, toilet, bus stop, dining options, and attractions can also be found there.

The kayaks can be booked in advance and you can have them for as long as you wish, so it is possible to plan both shorter trips and longer excursions. This makes it easy even for tourists and others who do not live in Stockholm to plan a fun activity when they are here. The rental is paid by card, which makes payment smooth even for foreign tourists.

Kayaking is suitable for everyone, both young and old, and is an excellent activity to do together at, for example, a bridal shower, a weekend trip with friends, or a kick-off. You get the chance to experience places that you rarely get to otherwise, and have fun together. Enjoy a paddle ride around Kungsholmen, in the archipelago, or along the Amazon-like waterways in Nackareservatet, while making memories that last a lifetime.

Welcome to KAYAKOMAT!

3 good reasons to rent a kayak or SUP from KAYAKOMAT

Paddle stable Swedish quality kayaks from Point 65

Available in many locations, 24/7, without queuing or hassle

A perfect way to capture the day and see the city from a new perspective



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Title Address Description
Lusuddsvägen, 117 66 Stockholm, Sverige

117 66 Stockholm

KAYAKOMAT Hagaparken
169 70 Stockholm, Sverige

Stallmästaregårdens Båtsällskap
16970 Stockholm

Ekelundsvägen 26, 171 73 Solna, Sverige

Ekelundsvägen 26
171 73 Stockholm

KAYAKOMAT Stora Essingen
Segelbåtsvägen 9, 112 64 Stockholm, Sverige

Segelbåtsvägen 9
112 64 Stockholm

KAYAKOMAT Saltsjö Duvnäs
Strandpromenaden 2A, 131 50 Saltsjö-duvnäs, Sverige

Strandpromenaden 2A
131 50 Stockholm

Oscar Blomstrands Väg 1, 128 64 Sköndal, Sverige

Oscar Blomstrands väg 1
12864 Sköndal

Hamnvägen 2, 182 78 Stocksund, Sverige

Hamnvägen 2
182 78 Stocksund

Stensövägen 32, 138 30 Älta, Sverige

Stensövägen 32
13832 Nacka

KAYAKOMAT Ängbybadet
Blackebergsvägen 35, 168 52 Bromma, Sverige

Blackebergsvägen 35
16852 Bromma

KAYAKOMAT Segeludden
Strandvägen 16, 191 35 Sollentuna, Sverige

Strandvägen 16
19135 Sollentuna

KAYAKOMAT Grisslinge Havsbad
Skärgårdsvägen 188, 139 36 Värmdö, Sverige

Skärgårdsvägen 188
139 36 Värmdö

KAYAKOMAT Björkviks Havsbad
Björkviksvägen 24, 134 67 Ingarö, Sverige

Björkviksvägen 24
134 67 Ingarö

Kyrkviken, 130 55 Ornö, Sverige

130 55 Ornö

KAYAKOMAT Kalmarsand
Stockholmsvägen 174, 746 31 Bålsta, Sverige

Stockholmsvägen 174
746 31 Bålsta