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Japanese Knife Company Japanese Knife Company Japanese Knife Company

Japanese Knife Company

Upplandsgatan 57, Stockholm, Sverige
+46 (0)8 663 30 09 Visit Website

Japanese quality knives for home chefs and professionals

At Japanese Knife Company on Upplandsgatan in Stockholm you’ll find plenty of Japanese knives lined up in glass display cases, along with solid wooden cutting boards and black leather aprons with cognac brown details that hang on the brick walls. The shop sells sharpened knives to both individuals and restaurants.

They help you find the right knife, but they also teach you how to take care of it. In addition to knives, they also sell other products made of Japanese steel, such as jackknives, secateurs and scissors. The shop also helps their customers to send special tools, like nail clippers, to Japan for grinding.

Welcome to Japanese Knife Company!

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