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Fruktaffären – top quality fruit, vegetables, flowers and more since 1907

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Next to subway station Rådhuset om Kungsholmen, just a short walk from the City Hall, you’ll find Fruktaffären.

The shop is one of Sweden’s oldest fruit shops that’s still in operation, and they focus on organic products that they personally pick up from wholesalers. You’ll find carefully selected products of the highest quality that vary with the season. Here you’ll find everything from fresh berries, mushrooms, chocolate, and signed cookbooks to organic courses and chefs visiting the shop. In short; a fruit shop that deserves a top rating.

Welcome to Fruktaffären!

Top 3 reasons to visit

Fruits, flowers and vegetables at great prices

Friendly staff that always gives you personal service

A lot of events and other fun happenings in the store

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Frukt­affären – a unique store of fruits, vegetables, and flowers of the highest quality

You may think it is small. Just 35 square meters. But once you get into Fruktaffären at Hantverkargatan 8 on Kungsholmen, you’ll notice that the shop area is more than enough. The store has served satisfied and returning customers since 1907, making it the oldest fruit shop in Sweden still in operation. A pleasant scent of both the products and the rich story meets you as you step into a world of fruit, vegetables, and flowers.

The concept can be explained in three words: unique, quality, and organic.

“It shouldn’t be like your everyday grocery store,” says Bianca Sand, and continues:

“Here you’ll find carefully selected products that we pick up personally. For example, the flowers are handpicked for the best possible selection and durability. You should be happy and surprised when you enter.”

Bianca is the daughter of Torbjörn Sand who bought the store four years ago. Before Torbjörn, called ‘Tobbe,’ it was Lennart Nilsson who ran the store for more than 30 years.

“Lennart sold the store to me so I could take care of it when he wanted to slow down,” Tobbe says.

But Lennart like the store so much that he just handed over the daily operation and the decisions. He’s still working and has no plans to quit. And it works well. Tobbe has a solid background for the job, previously he has been a wholesaler, and he has also run a café.

Bianca tells us that a lot is going on in and around their fruit shop. One example is that they sometimes have visiting chefs that cook and give tips on good dishes. Once in a while, a florist drops by. And to the Asparagus Festival, which runs between May 5 and June 30, they offer the absolute finest asparagus. Also, Fruktaffären has recently created its own olive oil – an oil that of course meets their high standards.

Fruktaffären is eager to invest in organic and locally produced products, a concept that works exceptionally well among the younger generations who are environmentally conscious. An example of the store’s environmental work is that they use canvas bags instead of plastic bags. And from time to time they also organize organic courses for their customers.

Inside the store, you get to enjoy a great mix of fresh fruits, vegetables, and newly picked flowers. But they also offer cookbooks that are signed by the author. And naturally, such a unique shop follows the seasons. Here you’ll find fresh berries and primers of the highest quality when in season. And in the fall, the mushrooms, among other things, pay a visit.

Even the children get theirs in Fruktaffären. Behind the counter, there’s an appreciated fruit binder where parents deposit money so the children can shop whenever they want. Then it’s just to make a note in the binder when the kids have picked out their fruit.

You get the feeling that behind each product there’s a little extra love and attention – that someone gave it thought and cared. Fruktaffären is very much a store that breathes and lives with its customers.

The shop is located in a good location on Kungsholmen where many people pass. And if you have a good throwing arm and a sharpshooter, it’s only two stone’s throw from the City Hall, just next to the subway station Rådhuset.

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Monday 7 am – 6 pm
Tuesday 7 am – 6 pm
Wednesday 7 am – 6 pm
Thursday 7 am – 6 pm
Friday 7 am – 6 pm
Saturday 9 am – 2 pm
Sunday closed

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