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Eraze – Professional laser clinic focusing on skin, hair, and tattoo removal

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Eraze is a refined laser clinic that performs professional treatments in modern and stylish premises in Östermalm. The clinic performs skin treatments such as removing pigment stains, and acne scars, as well as skin rejuvenation and hair removal. But the vast majority of Eraze customers come to remove tattoos.

The Swedes are now tattooed people. As tattoos have become increasingly common more and more tattoo parlors have opened, and it is easy to get a tattoo spontaneously. And even though most tattoos are loved by their owners, it can happen that things don’t quite turn out the way one imagined, or that life changes and that your tattoos no longer fit your self-image.

Eraze has clinics both in Stockholm and Oslo. In Norway, a licensed nurse is required to perform laser treatments. Although the requirements are not as stringent in Sweden, everyone who works at Eraze in Sweden is also a nurse. This means that you can be completely safe and certain to receive professional treatment.

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At Eraze, a thorough consultation is always carried out before starting a treatment. In addition, time is set aside for a follow-up of all patients. Many customers also testify that it is precisely this security and professionalism that made them feel particularly well taken care of at Eraze.

The success of the treatments is of course also very important and Eraze has, in addition to its well-trained staff, even the most modern, top-of-the-line machines. There are two different laser machines at Eraze, an “Elite iQ” for hair removal and a “PicoSure” that removes tattoos and is used for skin treatments. Picosure can remove all shades of ink. Most tattoos removed are black but Eraze also has the ability to remove the most difficult colors, blue and green.

The technique involves the laser breaking down the ink into small particles which the body then transports away and disposes of like other residues. The process is a bit painful, but the new technology hurts less than older laser machines. One can also use a numbing cream beforehand, and each treatment takes only a few minutes. How many treatments are needed depends, among other things, on how deep and saturated the ink is, where the tattoo is placed, and on the customer’s skin type. All of this is carefully discussed during the preparatory consultation.

Eraze laser for hair removal, Elite iQ, is the latest generation of professional hair lasers. It has the ability to measure the melanin in the skin to optimize the treatment according to each individual customer’s skin type. With its double wavelengths, the laser is very effective on both light and dark skin types. Eraze is the only clinic in Sweden to work with these machines.

As many customers return regularly for their treatments, the relationship between staff and customers is important. Eraze’s own customer surveys show that visitors are very satisfied with both treatments and the reception. It is evident that the staff likes their work, both the laser technology and the meeting with people. Since Eraze has access to the latest technology, the result is also the best possible. Customer satisfaction is also clearly demonstrated by the more than 25,000 successful treatments carried out during the seven years in Stockholm.

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Effective, gentle treatments performed by nurses

The latest and most sophisticated laser technology

Professional service in clean, modern premises



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