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Eltra Scooter – travel smoothly and environmentally friendly with your own electric scooter

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Eltra sells electric scooters that are suitable for both shorter and longer driving distances and offers various models for both older and younger drivers. The electric scooters are foldable so you, for example, can take them with you on the subway and store them safely in the office. They also have a significantly higher quality and longer use than rental scooters, which increases their durability.

Model Urban is a super-light electric scooter that is suitable for driving in the inner city and on small roads. Model Premium is a big favorite that is faster than the others and works great for longer driving distances. Model Ultra is heavier than the others, making it more stable and easier to control at high speeds.

The company has its showroom/service center in Kungsholms strand (Kungsholmen) where you can test drive their electric scooters. Eltra Scooter is also available after your purchase and offers maintenance and service of your electric scooter. In addition, the physical store offers accessories such as helmets, various bags, and baskets.

Welcome to Eltra!

Top 3 reasons to use an Eltra scooter

The electric scooters are foldable so you can bring them on public transport

Easy to ride in the city center as well as in the archipelago

The physical store offers maintenance of your electric scooter

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Eltra Scooter – the Stockholm store for privately owned electric scooters

Do you want to own your own electric scooter instead of renting one? Then you’re not alone. More and more people want their own electric scooter, and Eltra meets that demand. The flexible design and long reach make Eltra’s electric scooter a great fit both in Stockholm’s streets and in the archipelago.

Eltra was founded in 2019. One of the founders, Karl Inde, explains how the name Eltra comes from the word electrical transport.

“Eltra is a better shortening for electrical transport. We started Eltra to offer electric scooters with greater quality and a design that looks good on the streets of Stockholm. The name Eltra also allows us to offer other types of electric vehicles.”

After a successful first year, Eltra’s team has grown from two to four. One of the recent additions is Oliver Svanström, the new CEO of Eltra.

“We noticed early on that the demand for owning an electric scooter was high. This is partly due to the problems with rental scooters, such as having a short time of usage before being consumed, and that they end up being thrown into watercourses or outdoors in nature,” says Oliver Svanström.

All Eltra’s models are foldable so you can easily bring your electric scooter on a vacation trip or to the office and store it securely.

“There are many different types of drivers. Some want to ride the electric scooter shorter distances and bring it on the subway. Then there are those who only want to commute long distances with the electric scooter; then, you want a slightly larger and more stable model.”

The different models differ in the size of the foot pad, wheel size, whether it is disc brake or drum brake, engine capacity, and battery size, says Oliver Svanström.

The model Urban is a super-light electric scooter that is suitable for driving in the city center and on small roads. The award-winning Premium is the most popular model. It’s faster and works great for longer driving distances. To maximize the driving feel, the scooter is equipped with proper shock absorbers, a black foot pad, and a grip-proof construction.

The model Ultra is designed for an pleasant ride at high speeds. The weight makes the electric scooter more stable and easier to control, and thus you can enjoy high speeds while the wind blows in your hair.

“Our customers come from several different segments. The reason is that our models suit different people and environments. These days, more young people also want to own an electric scooter, so we’re currently working on developing a suitable model for that target group,” says Oliver Svanström. Eltra Scooter wants to offer more than just selling electric scooters.

The company has opened a service center and showroom in Kungsholms Strand (Kungsholmen) where they are available to their customers even after the purchase.

“For us, service is just as important as the buying experience. There have been electric scooters for a decade, but it’s the aftermarket that hasn’t really been offered. Through our store we can offer service and repairs for our customers,” says Oliver Svanström.

Another goal of the physical store is to create visibility and build the brand.

“Our physical store also allows us to create a stronger buying experience for our customers. You can test drive your electric scooter and buy stylish accessories like helmets, baskets, bags, and smartphone holders. We also want to create a meeting place for anyone interested in environmentally-friendly vehicles. It’s a perfect fit since our neighbors sell Stockholm’s best ice cream. Why not drop by and talk for a while,” says Karl Inde.



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