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Eltra Store – shop for electric scooters and other smart electric vehicles

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Eltra offers electric scooters, kick-bikes, and electric skateboards that are suitable for both shorter and longer distances and have different models to suit different types of drivers. Some want to travel shorter distances with the electric vehicle and be able to carry it on the metro. Then there are those who plan on long commutes when a slightly larger and more stable model is desired. No matter what type you are, you will find the perfect electric vehicle at Eltra.

Do you dream of being able to cross the city quickly and conveniently without having to time busses, sit in traffic jams, or arrive all sweaty? Then Eltra’s electric vehicles are something for you. They have significantly higher quality and durability as well as a longer range than ordinary rental scooters. The electric scooters are foldable and can therefore be taken, for example, on the metro and stored safely in the office. The different models vary in size of the standing plate, wheel size, whether they are equipped with a disc brake or a drum brake, engine capacity, and the size of the battery.

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The Eltra Ultra is a powerful and fun model with 800 watts and a range of up to 100 km. You get a jet ski feeling when you ride it with its fast acceleration. The model is perfect for those who are going to commute far or who want to embark on different adventures with their electric scooter.

Eltra 67 is Sweden’s first waterproof electric scooter. The Eltra 67 can carry an adult all year round and is built for comfortable and safe driving. The model is 500 watts and has a range of up to 50 km.

The company has its showroom/service center on Folkungagatan on Södermalm where you can test drive their electric vehicles. They aim to create a meeting place for everyone interested in environmentally positive vehicles. In the physical store as well as online you can buy accessories such as helmets, various bags, and baskets. Eltra Scooter is also there for you after the purchase process and offers maintenance and service for your electric scooter.

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Top 3 reasons to use an Eltra scooter

The electric scooters are foldable so you can bring them on public transport

Easy to ride in the city center as well as in the archipelago

The physical store offers maintenance of your electric scooter



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