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Caffè L’Antico – a genuine Italian espresso bar with everything for the coffee lover

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La Dolce Niente, close your eyes and sip on a real Italian espresso. Welcome to little Italy – in the middle of Stockholm!

Caffè L’Antico is an Italian coffee-bar with a shop and can be found at two addresses – Dalagatan and Valhallavägen – in the heart of Vasastan. Here you can enjoy authentic Italian coffee, eat croissants and pastries and buy both coffee products and accessories. They offer everything from coffee makers and espresso grinders to luxury chocolates and teas.

At Valhallavägen, you’re also served homemade gelato in a lot of exciting flavors. The range is continuously updated with flavors such as pistachio, cherry, and biscotti. If you feel a bit more hungry, then Caffè L’Antico offers healthy salads, pasta dishes, and fresh sandwiches and pastries. The classic cannelloni is a big favorite!

During spring and summer, you can sit down on the outdoor seating and get some sun while holding a cappuccino in one hand and a pastry in the other, look at people and simulate the Italian dream. Or pick up your favorites and take Italy home with you!

Welcome to Caffè L’Antico!

Top 3 reasons to visit

Genuine Italian coffee

Delicious dishes and pastries

Authentic Italian products to buy

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Caffè L’Antico – espresso bar where you enjoy coffee in the genuine Italian way

La Dolce Niente, close your eyes and sip on a real Italian espresso. Welcome to Little Italy – in the middle of Stockholm!

On Dalagatan, in the heart of Vasastan, you’ll find Caffè L’Antico, an Italian espresso bar with an associated shop. Not far from there, on Valhallavägen, you’ll find their other café where you can enjoy homemade Gelato. The name Caffè L’Antico stands for ‘the ancient coffee’ and alludes to the company whose origins date back four generations of coffee makers. In other words, a long resume of coffee expertise. Medet Keskin runs the Stockholm cafes.

People come here from early in the morning and drink coffee in a genuine Italian way. How? Fast and efficient. Two sips and one breath. Of course, you can stay longer and maximize the Italian philosophy of ‘Dolce far niente’ (the art of doing nothing), in other words, sit back, sip on a creamy caffeine drink and have a chat with the table neighbor. Caffè L’Antico is not just a café but a resort for spending time and enjoy yourself. Set the big city pulse on pause and combine caffeine refilling with mindfulness.

In 2017, they expanded with a small shop so the coffee could reach Stockholm’s residents. The store offers a wide range of Italian coffee beans, raw coffee, brew coffee, Nespresso, and coffee capsules. Pretty much everything you need for a café, at home or the office when it comes to coffee. You can also find coffee machines, Moka machines, and espresso grinders as well as barista accessories like cleaning products and filters. In other words, a kind of paradise for coffee lovers out there!

There are also refreshing cold drinks from the brand ‘San Pellegrino,’ loose leaf tea, and flavoring products from the brand ‘Da Vinci.’ The flavoring products are syrups in flavors such as vanilla, caramel, chocolate, and cinnamon, as well as chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, and vanilla sauce. These products work just as well to flavor a dessert as to pimp the coffee drink with some extra sweetness. Coffee and chocolate are a lasting and successful marriage for most people.

At the store, you can also pick up genuine Italian chocolates from the Manjani brand, including the popular box Manjani Fiat which contains 100 pieces of high-quality chocolates. This particular chocolate was created in 1911 in connection with Fiat’s launch of a new car model. The manufacturer Manjani was the first to start making chocolate commercially in Italy, which they did as early as 1796, and is today associated with first-class chocolate.

If you’re hungry, there are plenty of options to choose from, such as day-fresh sandwiches, croissants, soups, and salads. Of course, there is also a great pastries selection with everything from cinnamon buns and cream buns to Italian cookies. Cannolin (classic Sicilian pastry) is, according to the rumor, ‘a small part of heaven.’

On Valhallavägen, a twenty-minute walk from Dalagatan, you’ll find their second café. It serves healthy salads, pasta dishes, pastries, and homemade Gelato. In the summer, they also have a cozy outdoor seating reserved just under the sun. It’s the perfect place to get a good portion of the spring sun with a scoop of biscotti and pistachio ice cream. Just outside the shop window, you can sit down on the turquoise blue benches and sip on your cappuccino and watch people stroll by.

Caffè L’Antico is small but oh so popular! It has plenty of warm feelings, guests, and friendly staff. The atmosphere is cozy with dark furniture and warm lighting. Here coffee isn’t just coffee but an experience. Sit down and enjoy little Italy or pick up some goodies and bring Italy home!



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Monday 7 am – 18 pm
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Saturday 9 am – 16 pm
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