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Restaurant & Café Sten Sture – enjoy good coffee and food in a preserved 14th-century environment in Old Town

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Among cobblestones and cozy alleys in Stockholm’s Old Town (Gamla stan), you’ll find Restaurant & Café Sten Sture. In these historic premises with an exciting history, you can enjoy both coffee, pastries, simpler dishes, and Swedish home cooking in a unique medieval environment from the 14th century. History lives on in the newly renovated premises, and there are many cozy nooks, vaults, and fascinating objects preserved since ancient times.

When you go down the stairs from Trångsund and step into Restaurant & Café Sten Sture, you really feel the history. Because in these premises, things have happened over the years. The current business has been running since 1997, but the history goes all the way back to the 14th century.

Before Gustav Vasa’s time, it was a monastery for monks and later became a prison where many were put behind bars through the centuries. The most famous prisoner put in arrest here is probably the officer Jacob Johan Anckarström who shot King Gustav III in 1792. During the First World War, the vaults were used as storage for royal soldiers. In addition, there have been secret passages from here to both the Royal Palace and the church Storkyrkan. An exciting story, to say the least.

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And the traces of history are still clearly visible today. The basement vault, which was Anckarström’s dungeon over 200 years ago, remains and has been transformed into a cozy booth where you can now sit and have a cup of coffee and a carrot cake. But you can still see that the vault was once a prison.

If you look around, you can also see several interesting preserved objects on the walls. Particularly prominent is a ‘kurbits’ (Swedish painting technique) from 1971 illustrating the hanging of Anckarström. And if you look down at the floor, you can view the original floor from the 14th century through glass panes. The café is almost like a museum and also a bit of a maze – the room stretches between two properties and has many nooks and crannies.

But it’s not only the fascinating history and the unique premises that make Restaurant & Café Sten Sture well worth a visit. There’s also an extensive menu with both cakes, pastries, food, and drinks at affordable prices. They make everything themselves from scratch using good ingredients. Among the coffee-craving guests, salted caramel cheesecake and carrot cake made according to their own recipe are the most popular. There are also several types of coffee and chocolate drinks – one of the guests’ big favorites is the hot chocolate spiced with rum and Baileys.

The food primarily focuses on Swedish home cooking, such as meatballs with mashed potatoes, fried herring, and gravlax (dill-cured salmon) with ‘hovmästarsås’ (Swedish dill-scented mustard sauce). There are also several pasta dishes, salads, soups, and sandwiches. In other words, you’ve got plenty of options if you’re hungry. The restaurant also follows the seasons – for example, they serve a lot of stews in the winter. The drinks menu has a well-sorted selection of beer, wine, and other good drinks.

On the weekends, the vibe at Restaurant & Café Sten Sture steps up a notch when they also offer live music – everything from troubadours playing Cornelis Vreeswijk’s classic songs to bands that make the whole venue vibrate with swinging Scottish and Irish music. And don’t miss the popular Club Jambalaya – unforgettable evenings filled with joy, song, dance, and occasional surprises. The restaurant also has theme nights, such as Spanish and Peruvian, where everything from food to music follows a certain theme. Keep an eye on the Facebook page to see the upcoming events.

At Restaurant & Café Sten Sture, everyone is welcome – the guests are a great mix of tourists, young people, seniors, and couples. As mentioned, the prices are wallet-friendly, and the atmosphere is calm and relaxed. Perfect for cozy dates, a nice ‘fika’ with your best friend, or a lovely dinner with the family after a long day of strolling in Old Town. There’s room for 130 guests (seating for 98) in six different rooms.

In the summer, there’s also a great outdoor seating area with room for 32 – as made for a cup of freshly brewed coffee or a cold beer. If you’re having a larger event such as a party or a birthday celebration, you can also rent the premises.

Welcome to Restaurant & Café Sten Sture!

Top 3 reasons to visit

Unique preserved 14th-century environment filled with history

Delicious food and pastries made from scratch from good ingredients

Club Jambalaya and live music performances



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