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Bonden & Burgaren – Enjoy one of Sweden’s tastiest burgers in a beautiful countryside setting!

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Sometimes you hear the expression that a really good meal is worth a detour, and that is exactly the case with the burgers at Bonden & Burgaren at Väddö in Roslagen, 100 kilometers north of Stockholm. Traveling that far for a burger may sound exaggerated, but in addition to the burgers, which rank top 8 in Sweden, you also get to enjoy them in the lovely archipelago by the Väddö Canal. This meal is definitely worth a trip!

Bonden & Burgaren (The farmer and the burger) is located at Väddö Gårdsmejeri, which is also worth a visit, so set time aside to see everything on the farm once you are here. On the farm, there are cows whose milk is the basis for all the ice cream and cheese produced in the dairy and sold in the farm shop. In addition to cows, there are rabbits, goats, and pigs, to the great delight of animal friends of all ages.

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The Dairy, Väddö Gårdsmejeri, is a family business celebrating its 110th anniversary this year, 2022. There used to be many farms in the area, but now there are only two left on Väddö. In this beautiful archipelago environment, the Edlund family runs their farm and dairy organically and invites you to visit the annual “kosläpp” the release of the cows into the fields in spring-time, and a lot of other events. Väddö Gårdsmejeri also features a farm shop, ice cream parlor, and the very popular burger place Bonden & Burgaren.

The meat for the burgers naturally comes from the farm and the burger cheddar and grill cheese, which turns into vegetarian burgers, is produced from the farm’s milk. The hamburgers are so-called smash burgers, which means that they are produced by pressing the fresh patties hard against the hot hob using a heated smash iron. Cooking this way, you quickly get a nice, slightly crispy crust on the burger, while the meat is cooked quickly and thus retains its juiciness.

The process that renders the caramelized surface is called the Maillard effect and is a chemical reaction that occurs when proteins and carbohydrates are exposed to high temperatures. It is then that color, aroma, and taste starts developing. For a really good and juicy smash burger, you need good quality meat, with a slightly higher fat content – the basis of all good food is good raw materials – just the kind of meat that is produced on the farm.

For it to become a hamburger, apart from meat and cheese, bread, vegetables, and bacon are also needed, all of which come from nearby villages and farms. The meat, the grilled cheese, and the burger cheddar are all organic. All ingredients have been selected with care, regarding both the taste and the environment.

For it to become a proper meal, side orders and drinks are required, and of course, Bonden & Burgaren have a great selection of these. Choose from regular fries, cheese fries, sweet potato fries, and deep-fried grill cheese cubes. The drinks include beer from local micro breweries such as Västergårdens bryggeri, other beer, wine, and non-alcoholic alternatives, as well as juices and soft drinks for the children.

In the unlikely event of not being completely full after a visit to Bonden & Burgaren, a visit to Bondens Glasskalas, the ice cream parlor next door provides fantastic desserts. Here you can enjoy everything in ice cream from a simple scoop of homemade ice cream to a yummy sundae with all toppings.

Many of the delicacies are also for sale in the farm shop, so make to visit them before leaving, and stock up on meat, cheese, and ice cream for continued enjoyment at home!

Welcome to Bonden & Burgaren!

Top 3 reasons to visit

Organic smash burgers made from the farm's own meat

Delicious cheeses with low climate impact, to eat on-site or take home

A vivid working farm in a lovely archipelago setting



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