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Is there anything more beautiful than a luxurious flower bouquet as a centerpiece on the table? A perfect way to treat yourself to something nice that brightens up your life.

At Blomverket, people who live in Stockholm and, of course, in the rest of Sweden can order flowers online and have them delivered directly to the door. It’s a flower delivery out of the ordinary where you can get beautiful and stylish bouquets that decorate the home as often as you want through one-time purchases or flexible flower subscriptions.

The company was born over a family dinner a few years ago when the three sisters-in-law named Moritz decided to make something serious of the concept ‘weekend bouquet’ that had become popular on social media. As parents of small children, they had experienced how difficult it was to have enough time to buy cut flowers for the weekend. Also, the supply of these trendy bouquets that you see on Instagram lacked in the physical florist stores – both in terms of style and quality. The idea to offer a luxury flower subscription online was born. And turned out to be a success.

At Blomverket, you can choose between four different bouquet sizes and several time intervals (every week, every other week, or once a month) for your subscription. And you get not only a beautiful and luxurious flower bouquet at a reasonable price but a whole experience. Every time the bouquets are delivered, they have a new design that repeatedly surprises you. And everything from the fresh-cut flowers to the wrapping and the lovely flower box is carefully thought out. It’s the details that make the difference, and together they create a wonderful overall experience. A wow feeling. If you follow #helgbuketten (or #weekendflowers in English) on Instagram, you will definitely not be disappointed.

Another vital factor for Blomverket is sustainability. Since they are skipping the wholesale level, the step from grower to end consumer will be significantly shorter – they can buy flowers earlier and deliver faster. This means, among other things, that the flowers have a higher quality and that the bouquets look nice for a longer time.

Today, the company delivers flowers all over Sweden, from southern Skåne to Piteå in the north, and a large part of the customers are in Stockholm. But no matter where you live, the bouquet, which Blomverket themselves designs, always looks the same. If the flowers’ quality shouldn’t meet your expectations for some reason, the company has a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Of course, you can also buy flowers online as a gift – perfect when someone has a birthday or something else is celebrated. How happy do you get when you have an unexpected flower delivery at your door?

Save time, bring home fresh-cut flowers for the weekend, and make life more beautiful – order an exclusive flower bouquet online at today.

Welcome to Blomverket!

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