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Turkish charcoal grill

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Amida Kolgrill – Turkish food straight from the grill

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Amida Kolgill (Amida Charcoal grill) on Folkungagatan serves fresh and affordable Turkish food grilled to perfection over hot coals.

Amida was the first charcoal grill on Södermalm and has been acclaimed by star chefs such as Mathias Dahlgren, as well as Sayan Isaksson, who was inspired by Amida’s skewer rolls for the Nobel Banquet menu he created.

You can choose between lamb, beef, chicken, or falafel, with optional rice, bulgur, or fries. All dishes are served with a refreshing ezme, a typical Turkish mezze featuring fresh ingredients like tomatoes, onions, herbs, extra virgin olive oil, and a touch of heat.

Try the classic skewers roll, Falafel Al-Petra or Adana, which is minced lamb with green and red peppers, onions, and parsley.

Welcome to Amida Kolgill!

Top 3 reasons to visit

Fresh Turkish food grilled to perfection

Affordable prices

Friendly staff

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Amida Kolgrill – oriental food joy you just can’t get enough of

There are a lot of oriental restaurants In Stockholm, but not all of them becomes a favorite that the guests keep coming back to over and over. At Amida Kolgrill one visit is enough to get you hooked. Once you’ve tried the restaurant’s tasty oriental food, cooked over a flaming charcoal grill, you will definitely return.

Today Amida Kolgrill has three locations; Sundbyberg, Kungens Kurva, and Södermalm. The restaurant is characterized by fast service, affordable food, and large portions – but above all their amazing flavors.

View Stockholm recently visited the restaurant in Sundbyberg and witnessed both joy and passion when the food was cooked. The menu is extensive and is easily accessible above the counter where you order your food. It’s a great mix of lamb, chicken, salmon, vegetarian dishes to just name a few. The food is made with carefully selected ingredients over a flaming charcoal grill, and just like in Turkey it’s quite mild and has plenty of vegetables.

The restaurant has been named after the ancient city Amida in Mesopotamia located where modern Diyarbakır, Turkey now stands. And just like the city, the restaurant’s concept seems to be created to last for a long time.

We are convinced that there is something special about their secret recipes that makes you return over and over. There’s nothing pretentious with Amida, just a really good food experience and service that speaks for itself. Try it yourself – we guarantee you a tasty meal!



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Sunday 12 pm – 11 pm

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