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What’s cheaper than a taxi and smoother than a regular rental car? The answer is Aimo Solution! The solution to your everyday transport needs. The customer promise is ‘Gets you there.’ Where ‘there’ is, you decide. All you need is an app and a driver’s license. Then you’re the one behind the wheel.

Aimo is the first car-sharing service in Sweden whose cars are 100 percent powered by electricity. In other words, the vehicles are not only climate-smart and exhaust-free, but also completely silent. Everything is included in the price – parking, fees, and 300 free kilometers. You only pay for the time you’re using the car.

The company currently has 300 electric cars of the brand Renault Zoe. Owning a car is both complicated and expensive, especially if you live in a big city. That’s why Aimo wants to offer the freedom to rent – to make it easier for the Stockholmers to do their daily shopping, pick up the children, and find time for their workout. In addition to cars, the company also offers electric scooters.

Welcome to Aimo!

Top 3 reasons to use the service


A very smooth way to get around Stockholm


Cheaper than a taxi


A greener way of traveling

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