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AC Hotel Stockholm Ulriksdal – urban and luxurious hotel in Solna

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Stay at AC Hotel Stockholm Ulriksdal and spoil yourself with southern European luxury, lavender bags, and spa treatments.

In March 2020, AC Hotel Stockholm Ulriksdal opened – Marriott Group’s fourth hotel in Stockholm. It’s an urban and luxurious hotel with southern European influences. There are 223 hotel rooms, a restaurant, bar, large spa with gym, lounge areas, and conference rooms.

The restaurant offers Spanish breakfast with Frittata directly from the kitchen, Nespresso, and air-cured ham, which you can cut yourself with a cutting machine. The dinner menu has classic tapas and ‘Scandi Tapas,’ which means Swedish favorites in mini format.

Book meetings in one of the four conference rooms and end the day with a workout, steam room, and cava hang out in the hotel bar. The AC Hotel promises continental luxury, personal service, and an extraordinary experience.

Welcome to AC Hotel Stockholm Ulriksdal!

Top 3 reasons to visit

The feeling of Southern European urban luxury

Perfect for your corporate conference

The details - for example, lavender bags in the rooms

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AC Hotel Stockholm Ulriksdal – a modern hotel designed with you in mind

Southern European luxury, lavender bags, and Scandi Tapas. Welcome to Stockholm’s latest hotel addition in Ulriksdal

AC Hotel Stockholm Ulriksdal opened its doors on March 2, 2020, and is Stockholm’s fourth hotel under the Marriott International flag. The Spanish brand AC by Marriott is one of 32 brands in the same family, and this will be Sweden’s first. AC stands for Antonio Catalán, the designer of the brand.

“The goal is to create a different feeling, in everything from the interior decor and design to the overall experience. When you enter, you’ll find a lavender bag that you can bring to your room and spread out. We want to offer feelings, not just a bed with breakfast,” says Patrik Tuomisto, opening manager for AC Hotel Stockholm Ulriksdal.

The overall experience will activate your senses with modern luxury, southern European influences, and activities for both body and soul. The AC Hotel offers 223 hotel rooms, restaurant, bar, large spa, gym, lounge areas, and conference rooms.

“The rooms are designed with the traveler in mind – how they travel and their needs – from special beds to the type of sheets, pillows, tables with chairs if they want to invite the colleague and continue working while enjoying a coffee cup. We want to give a warm and personal welcome and have thought about the guest’s experience from when they arrive to when they leave,” says Patrik.

Each room is equipped with a coffee machine, and the bathroom has a shower, hairdryer, and free toiletries. The hotel has a 24-hour reception and is located right next to Ulriksdal’s commuter train station with only ten minutes to Stockholm city and walking distance to Friends Arena and Mall of Scandinavia.

The restaurant section, also called AC Kitchen, is inspired by the Southern European cuisine with a lot of Spanish influences.

“We serve a different type of breakfast than the one we usually have in Sweden, a more continental approach,” says Patrik and mentions the menu with frittata straight from the kitchen, fresh bread, Nespresso, and a cutting machine where you can cut your own ham.

From 11 am, the restaurant part kicks off with a more Sweden inspired lunch buffet and dishes straight from the kitchen counter. Here you’ll find a comprehensive menu throughout the day and, of course, a lot of tapas. There are both the classic Spanish ones, but also a new concept called ‘Scandi tapas,’ which consists of traditional Swedish favorites in mini format.

This part of the restaurant is called the AC Lounge and has a more relaxed atmosphere. The idea is that you should sit down, enjoy a glass of wine or cava, and have some good food in a casual environment.

The spa area offers massages, manicures and pedicures, hair and scalp treatments, a large pool, and a dry sauna, steam room, and aroma sauna. There is also a well-equipped gym and a spa lounge where membership guests are served breakfast and snacks.

Companies and business people can choose from four conference rooms with room for 150 people in the largest meeting room. All rooms are equipped with the latest technology, fast wifi, and a pleasant interior with bookshelves and comfortable furniture for an enjoyable homely feeling.

Whether you’re sitting in the lounge bar, business meeting, or having a siesta in your room, AC Hotel Stockholm Ulriksdal wants to create feelings of harmony and creativity. That is; a complete experience from the moment you arrive until you leave. Welcome!



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