Food blogger memories and purposes

Why am I a Food blogger?
Food, Comida (en Español), Mat (på Svenska). Such a simple concept, but so much passion behind it that makes it impossible -at least for me- to describe it with words, even with the knowledge of the vocabularies of those 3 languages.
Food makes me so happy, you have no idea. It elevates my soul to a state of total relaxation and peace, where time stops and nothing really matters besides the scenery of me and what I am going to eat.
Ever since I can remember, I have enjoyed food like no other person in my family and group of friends. Back in my childhood days -the good old days- I recall sneaking into the kitchen and steal bites off the pots of yet unfinished stews, soups and whatever my mom was cooking. You see, I was blessed to be born, first of all, in a country where food is absolutely fantastic and pretty much constitutes the only element that actually unifies a rather diverse and divided land. We Peruvians worship food, and specially our food, because is the best of the world. But that’s another story and I don’t want to sound cocky. Or do I…
In Perú, you can talk about any particular dish to anybody and I assure you that you will start smiling and discovering such a chemistry with that person. Smiles and vibes that you are most likely not to experience if you were to discuss other matters.

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Food is my biggest passion and what I want to work with forever

It may sound obvious, but it actually is. Food is happiness, integration,evolution, childhood memories, celebrations and life enjoyment. Food is, along with a couple of other earthly pleasures, what satisfies me the most. Joking aside, my life is a constant craving and anticipation for my next meal. While having breakfast, I’m already planning (read: stressing) what am I going to eat for lunch and praying it will be good. It sounds ridiculous, but hey, welcome to the life of a Foodie and Food Blogger…
Sitting down for a proper meal, alone or accompanied, at home or at a restaurant, is one of those few occasions I get to fully enjoy myself. Why? Simple, I work as a chef. This means long hours and very often only 1 day off per week. And when you work as a chef, you eat all the time(at least I do…) but it’s more pecking and tasting what you prepare for your dear guests. For example, as I am writing this post and drinking a cold nice beer here at “Bistroteket“, it is the first time of this week that I am not working at sitting down at a restaurant. By no means do I wish to sound dramatic, it’s just the way it is. And believe it or not, I’m happy in a non-ideal way. But that’s part of life right? Finding your path and goals as you walk forward, no matter where or how much. Just keep walking…

Foodblog, Matblogg, Food blogger, Foodstyling, Bistro, Restaurang, Stockholm, Södermalm, Brunch, Lunch, Dinner, Food photography

I came to Stockholm leaving behind a fantastic life and a promising career in Lima. Saying goodbye to your family is heartbreaking but it’s the price I have to pay to accomplish all the dreams and goals that I have. I came here and started from zero, basically, searching for jobs at restaurants that I had previously targeted. Getting a job as a chef was the most accurate and accessible way to insert myself in the labor market. And in the magnificent food scene that Stockholm represents.
This Food Blogging path that I started was born merely out of my love and worship to food. And, modesty aside, writing in the fresh, cool and creative way as I do helps a lot and gives me hope that I will make it. I want to be a full-time Food, Travel and Lifestyle blogger. I want to share this passion with you, so you can eat through my photos and descriptions, so you can live through me everything that I experience when I visit a new city. I want to share stories of magnificent people all around this beautiful world that we live in. I want to show it to you, through my eyes. I want to create hope and awareness and make you want to travel the world and help other people.
How am I going to make all of this happen? I don’t really have the answer my friends, but I am trying.
With great blogging comes great benefits and sponsorships, brand representations and role modeling. I want to do all of that, and use the financial benefits to travel the world and help people in need.
It’s not just about eating out for free and getting presents from your sponsors to show off in social media.That’s just plain selfish. Why blog if you aim for that only?
Blogging as I see it was meant to connect and inspire, to share the same passions in life and to actually do something about it. But to do something nice and for noble purposes.
So join me in this quest,help me and let’s do something about it. Let’s change the world!

At the end of the day and  of every single meal, that was my purpose all along…

Love and best vibes,



Foodblog, Matblogg, Food blogger, Foodstyling, Bistro, Restaurang, Stockholm, Södermalm, Brunch, Lunch, Dinner, Food photography

Eat, Travel, Enjoy and Help


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