Peruvian Food Festival at Hornstull

Good afternoon my friends, I hope you are all having a fantastic afternoon.
This is a very special blog post for me and I am so happy and excited to share it with you all. Next week, on Saturday July the 30th, one of the best Peruvian Food Festivals that Stockholm has ever seen will take place at Cebicheria Barranco in Hornstull.

Cebicheria Barranco - Estocolmo - Cebiche Chifero
Tienda Rocoto and Barranco have teamed up with some of the chefs that run the kitchens of the best Peruvian Restaurants in Europe to create 5 small but crazy good tasting menus that will show you what our food is made of. Traditional Peruvian cuisine taken up to the heights of dining in Stockholm.

There will be 3 servings throughout the day: at noon, at 17 and at 21 hours. All of them will have 5 different menus showcasing the best of the best of what we eat.

Menu 1:
Cebiche Clásico, Lomo Saltado (Peruvian-Chinese style stir fried beef with onions and tomatoes), Picarones (Sweet potato and pumpkin Peruvian donuts)

Menu 2:
Trilogy of causas (potato, Peruvian yellow chili and lime dough with 3 different toppings), Seco de carne con frijoles (cilantro-based beef stew with beans), Helado de Lúcuma (Ice cream of Lúcuma, one of our most typical and delicious fruits)

Menu 3:
Tiradito de pescado (sashimi cuts of cebiche flavored fish), Jalea de pescado (breaded pieces of fish with cebiche flavors), Helado de Cocona (Ice Cream of Cocona, an acidic fruit from our jungle region)

Menu 4:
Anticuchos (probably the ultimate street food in Perú: beef hearts marinated in spices, absolutely amazing), Pachamanca (meats baked by hot stones, under the ground. Note: the flavors will be replicated as it is not possible to proceed in the typical way), Alfajores (crumbly little round cookies filled with dulce de leche)

Menu 5 (Vegetarian):
Tiradito de Champiñones (thinly sliced mushrooms in rocoto chili cream), Chaufa de Verduras (Peruvian-Chinese stir fried rice with veggies), Mazamorra de quinua

As you can see -sadly not taste- the menu is designed to please all types of palates. I highly encourage all of you to attend this event, your taste buds will be blown away and you will remember our flavors for the rest of your life, joking aside.
In the future I wish to see the dining scene of our beloved Stockholm with more and more Peruvian restaurants captivating all of you my dear Stockholmers.

And as Daniel Tapia (owner of Tienda Rocoto) romantically said to me “We are only doing this out of pure passion, to promote our food and our culture”, I have the honor of inviting you all to be a part of our celebration, I wish to see you all there.

Muchas gracias amigos!
Cebicheria Barranco - Estocolmo - entrada

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