Peace in a minefield

Modern day life is literally a minefield. 

Every footstep you take there is a possible bit of bad news, another bill to pay, something negative and avoiding them all is impossible. 

Add to that we are being carpet bombed by mainstream and social media negative propaganda 24/7 and I know as much as anyone it’s easy to feel suffocated by the negativity, sadness and despair in the world. 

I have been an angry, frustrated man for the last 21 years and it has caused more harm than good. It has affected me on a daily basis not allowing me to see the good and beauty that exists in every day. 

It left me unable to properly appreciate the good in my life. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had some amazing times and adventures, but I was never at peace enough to really appreciate anything to its fullest, there was always a cloud of negativity in the back of my mind thundering, lightning, and p***ing down with rain. 

It wasn’t until I learnt to let go just a few months ago that my mindset changed and the clouds lifted and the rain stopped. 

It’s not about forgiveness of things past or people, it’s simply about letting go. 

That person wronged you? So what? Their life is probably filled with negativity, why should you let that affect you? Why would you let that affect you?

I’m not talking about something monstrous that you immediately have to let go of course. But time will heal everything and it truly does, and even the most monstrous things a strong will and mind will be able to free itself from and move on.

The 19th August was my 34th birthday. I have not been at peace since I was 13 years old, until a few weeks ago anyhow. 

But after a ridiculously enjoyable and hilarious birthday dinner with 4 amazing people I sat with 3 of them in slussen for a late fika. Götgatan is my favourite place to sit and watch the world go by and as the 3 of them talked and laughed I sat lost in my own thoughts for a moment and for the first time in my life I thought this simple thing

‘I want to live forever’. 

That is impossible, and I’m fairly sure living in this tranquility every minute for the rest of my life will not be possible either, but the difference in my life because of one simple little mindset change is almost incalculable. 

I’m not advising anyone of anything other than just letting go. 

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