Österlånggatan 17, one of the best restaurants in Stockholm’s Old Town

When picking a new restaurant to review I generally go for the ones that I believe will be a great experience to share with you all, where food is treated with respect and where dining has a true meaning. Restaurant Österlånggatan 17 is certainly one of those places where you always want to come back, and they certainly are serving some of the best foods in Gamla Stan (Stockholm’s Old Town).

Part of the Bockholmengruppen (one of Stockholm’s best restaurant corporations) the success of an anticipated satisfactory experience was sort of a given.
My first visit was for their Sunday lunch. When entering the restaurant we were not so kindly greeted by the restaurant manager, who led us to our table with the words “just a reminder, you only have the table for 2 hours, have a nice meal”.
Right off the bat it was a mix of positive and negative impressions. I expect nothing but great service in a restaurant like this, but since I was excited to try out the food I decided to wait for either the second strike or a redemption moment.

Our waitress that day was a Korean woman that played a huge role in a great dining experience. Her warm smile and large knowledge of the menu and the wines helped us a lot to decide on what to eat and drink. She nailed it!
We shared pimientos de padrón (85 sek) as a starter while a cute basket of breads with whipped butter made its way to our table. A couple of Italian red wines and a French white accompanied our meal (wine by the glass range from 85 to 170 sek).

Österlånggatan 17, 2
For mains we had the grilled tuna nicoise salad with crispy anchovies, creamy egg and toast (195 sek), the Omelette with lobster cream, cheese from Västerbotten and fries (195 sek) and the beef tartar with cider-vinegar mustard, red beet cream, crispy capers and fried pearl onions (125 sek).
The restaurant’s concept is to offer good food and drinks in a pleasant atmosphere. Their food inspiration comes from cuisines from all over the world but paying respect to their local producers.

Österlånggatan 17, 3
To me, the cuisine at Österlånggatan 17 is elevated bistro cuisine. All the dishes are classics of classic-inspired.
They are safe bets that people will, no matter what, like. To name a couple others, a burger and Swedish meatballs are all-time favorites.
Don’t get me wrong, although it may sound like it has a negative connotation, I understand the safe bet concept.
They are located in Gamla Stan (one of Stockholm’s most touristy places), which means that they cater for a mix of local foodies and hungry visitors.

As I said earlier, this restaurant is a place one always wishes to come back to. Great food and drinks, cool vibes and good service (hopefully).
That’s why I “had” to come back, haha.
On my second visit (alone this time) I visited them for the weekday menu.
The offer is similar to the weekend lunch menu but with a daily special, a fish dish, a classic dish, a salad, a warm vegetarian dish and a vegetarian soup.
That day I tried the cauliflower soup with roasted leeks and creamy egg (125 sek).
The soup was very well accomplished. Creamy, balanced, seasoned properly and with the roasted leek providing pungent smoky flavors to counteract the sweetness of the cauliflower.

Österlånggatan 17, 4
As a general impression after a couple of visits I feel that it is one of my to-go places in Stockholm.
If I have to suggest something it would be to dare a bit more and come up with more creative dishes. The chefs are obviously very talented and I am sure that the diners will appreciate a different level of food.

Thank you very much to the staff at Österlånggatan 17 for 2 delicious meals, keep up the good work and I hope you keep improving.

Have you guys been to? I’d love to hear your impressions.
You all have a wonderful Tuesday!



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