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Is it time for new glasses? Or do you want to get the latest frames? Maybe do an eye exam? If you’re looking for an optician in Stockholm, you don’t have to look far. The city is full of skilled licensed eye care professionals who offer everything from checking your vision to the latest frames from well-known brands.
Last updated: February 26, 2024
Glasses are not only a way to correct poor eyesight but also an accessory that expresses your style and personality. And of course, your taste and the trends change occasionally. If your glasses don’t feel quite right, you obviously want to renew yourself with new stylish frames.

For most people, it’s also inevitable that the visual defect gets worse, and then it’s time to review the strength of the glasses or perhaps start with progressive glasses. And reading and life in front of the computer become clearer and sharper with reading glasses or workplace glasses with the correct strength.

Opticians Stockholm
Want new glasses? Stockholm’s opticians got you covered
If you’re a person who rather a voids glasses, you may prefer to invest in lenses. Today, contact lenses can correct most vision defects, and there’s everything from easy-to-use one-day lenses – the kindest option for the eyes – to monthly and 24-hour lenses. And do you know that you can avoid reading glasses by using progressive lenses? For those who like changes, there are also colored lenses that allow you to either change your eyes or enhance your own eye color. Stockholm’s eyewear stores are simply full of opportunities!

Find your optician in Stockholm

In Stockholm city, you are always close to a skilled licensed optician. Whether you have myopia, hyperopia, refractive error, or any other vision problem, there’s an eyewear store that can help you find the right eyeglasses or lenses for you. The city offers both well-known chains and independent eyewear stores.

Short-sighted or far-sighted, severe visual defect or just slightly impaired vision, cheap glasses or the latest frames from well-known brands – whatever you need, you can find it at Stockholm’s best opticians.




City Optik

Find your new stylish look at City Optik on Drottninggatan

Are you looking for a pair of super stylish quality frames? Then you should head to City Optik in the middle of central Stockholm. In this elegant store, you can find one of the city’s most extensive assortment of branded frames, both from the big fashion houses and small designers, including Moscot, Oliver Peoples, Chanel, Chloé, and Celine.

You can also have your eyes examined by licensed opticians, which you can easily book online, and there is a large selection of lenses. Or why not opt for a pair of fancy sunglasses in the highest quality with 100 percent UV protection. The experienced and knowledgeable staff will take good care of you and ensure that you get the best for your eyes. And you don’t have to wait long for your new glasses – sometimes they are ready within an hour.

City Optik has the ambition to be Stockholm’s top opticians, and they’ve had great success with that goal. They have been named the eyewear store of the year several times, most recently in 2021. That’s what we call a quality stamp!

Drottninggatan 80, Norrmalm/City

Hultins Optik

Hultins Optik
Hultins Optik is one of the Stockholmers’ favorite eyewear stores

Hultins Optik is an eyewear store in Stockholm that you find in Södermalm, and it’s one of the industry’s true veterans. Since 1939, Stockholmers who need help with their vision problem have come to the pleasant shop on Renstiernas gata. Here, the history is deeply rooted in the walls, but at the same time, the store is very modern and has solid knowledge in everything from aesthetics to optometry. You get help finding glasses, reading glasses, lenses, sunglasses, eye health, or whatever you need. Always in the highest quality and with solid craftsmanship. And since the glasses are manufactured in the store’s workshop, you get fast service and frames that fit like a charm.

An eye examination at Hultins Optik is as far from an “assembly line” check-up as you can get. The skilled and highly trained staff – always licensed opticians – really take their time, and you get impeccable service and personal attention. And, of course, the latest technology is used in the thorough examination. It’s obvious that their professional competence and top service are appreciated – today, many rank them as Stockholm’s best opticians. Over the years, they’ve become the “house optician” for a lot of people, and their loyal customers often visit the store.

To know all the latest eyewear trends and offer quality products from the market’s most exciting brands – both the big fashion houses and smaller niche design brands – they visit the major international eyewear fairs in Paris, Milan, and New York every year. The store’s range includes a lovely mix of frames from brands such as Bottega Veneta, Celine, Dior, Moscot, Saint Laurent, Savile Row, Tom Ford, and Vasuma. Classically stylish, luxurious craftsmanship, and in many cases, environmentally conscious. Their goal is to have the most good-looking customers – and they usually succeed. At Hultins Optik, you get a pair of glasses that fit you perfectly. If you want to buy glasses online instead, there’s also a webshop.

Renstiernas gata 13, Södermalm

Optikerna på Öfvre

Since 2007, Optikerna på Öfvre has provided Östermalm residents and other spectacle-wearing Stockholmers with quality spectacles. Today, the store is run by three passionate and licensed opticians who together have created an eyewear mecca beyond the ordinary. At this optician in Östermalm, the craft is at the center, and all glasses are manufactured in their own workshop. For you, this means both faster delivery and the opportunity to get glasses that suit your needs 100 percent. As a customer, you always get full attention and top-notch service and products. In addition, the clinic specializes in squinting eyes, glasses for children, and special lenses.

To give you the best the market has to offer, the dedicated staff travels every year to the world’s large eyewear fairs, where they carefully select the gems in each collection. The store’s glasses and sunglasses are from the best brands only – Cartier, Eque M, Chanel, Moscot, Oliver Peoples, and Tom Ford, to name a few. As a customer of Optikerna på Öfvre, you should simply look your best!

Karlavägen 73, Östermalm



Stockholm Eyewear

Stockholm Eyewear is a licensed optician in Vasastan that offers optical craftsmanship with its own workshop and eyewear fashion with carefully selected brands and models. The knowledgeable staff has a lot of experience in vision health and eyewear fashion – and not least, an excellent sense of color and shape if you want taste advice. The extensive range includes stylish and functional glasses for all tastes. Plus, lenses, sunglasses, and everything else a complete eyewear store should have.

The store offers many of the market’s best brands, both established fashion houses and independent designers, for those looking for glasses in Stockholm. Examples include Tom Ford, Victoria Beckham, Garrett Leight, Dita, Moscot, Eque.M, Celine, Saint Laurent, Thom Browne, Paul Smith, Valentino, and Jacques Marie Mage. So, if you’re thinking about eyewear, Stockholm Eyewear is a safe bet (they were named store of the year in 2021). Just stop by and ask questions, test your vision, try on frames, or why not have an espresso in the pleasant premises next to the park Vasaparken.

Odengatan 80, Vasastan

La Boutique Eyewear

La Boutique Eyewear Stockholm

la boutique eyewear is an exclusive and intimate eyewear store in Old Town

At Köpmangatan, among beautiful houses and cozy cobblestone streets in Old Town’s historic quarters, you’ll find the hidden gem la boutique eyewear. At this high-end and intimate eyewear shop, you’ll find an extensive range of glasses in all styles.

The frames are handpicked from the market’s most exciting brands, ranging from large, well-known fashion houses to small designer brands and only those models you don’t find “everywhere.” Browse among Limited editions and other special editions that they are the only ones offering in Sweden and Scandinavia, including brands like Cazal, Cartier, DITA, Le Specs, Oliver Peoples, Thom Browne, and Vuarnet to just name a few. When it comes to sunglasses, they offer a large selection of modern glasses and sunglasses, both high-end and budget models, there are lots of vintage models – from the 50s to the 90s. A true sunglasses mecca, in other words.

la boutique eyewear is far from the optician shops you’re used to. Similar to international concepts, there is no on-site eye examination (they use well-established independent opticians, or you can bring your own prescription), and put in the market’s leading Zeiss glass with trendy tones and effects.

The store only welcomes one customer at a time, so it’s a good idea to book in advance. When you book an appointment, you can count on at least 30 minutes where the staff focuses exclusively on you and your needs. A personal service beyond the ordinary that the customers really appreciate. The knowledgeable and professional staff are fully aware of all trends and have an experienced and well-trained eye for what glasses suit you. Don’t be surprised if you leave the store with more daring frames than you planned.

Köpmangatan 3, Old Town

Bågar och Glas

In 1982, Bågar och Glas opened the doors to their eyewear store in Stockholm’s Old Town with the idea of giving Stockholmers in need of glasses an extraordinary experience. And they have succeeded. Nowadays, there’s also a store in central Stockholm where you can get unique frames of the highest quality from world-leading brands. Whether you’re looking for frames in a classic style or the latest fashion from the large fairs in Milan, Paris, and New York, there’s guaranteed to be something for you. There’s also a large selection of contact lenses for all kinds of visual impairments and lifestyles.

In addition to offering the perfect frames, Bågar och Glas also has an extensive clinical activity with everything for your eye health. Here you can get help with a regular eye examination, an extensive eye health examination, contact lens examination, analysis of dry eyes, night lenses, prevention of myopia, and digital eye stress. Always thoroughly and carefully executed with the latest technology and equipment. In addition, there’s an eye pharmacy with selected products that help your eyes feel better.

Kornhamnstorg 47, Old Town
Norrlandsgatan 7, Norrmalm/City

Benckert Optik

Benckert Optik
Get your new glasses at Benckert Optik in Södermalm

Are you looking for a pair of stylish frames that fit you perfectly? Then you should visit Benckert Optik, an optician in Södermalm that you’ll find on Åsögatan near Medborgarplatsen. This professional eyewear store has an extensive range of glasses and frames, and you can get help finding the right frames by experienced opticians with an eye for style. In the wide range of frames in all possible colors, styles, and brands, there’ll be a pair that suits you. Guaranteed. If you need glasses at work, you can also get help with both terminal glasses, loupes, and safety glasses.

For those who prefer contact lenses to correct your vision defect, Benckert Optik also has a lot to offer. All kinds of lens materials and types of lenses are available at good prices – whether you need day lenses, night lenses, or monthly lenses. The knowledgeable staff are happy to advise and guide you the right products.

Of course, this eyewear store also offers eye examinations performed by licensed opticians with many years of professional experience. You can also easily do an eye health examination with high-tech equipment and analysis by ophthalmologists to detect eye diseases at an early stage. At Benckert Optik, there’s simply everything for your eyes and it’s one of Stockholm’s best opticians. In addition, they have a web shop if you prefer to buy glasses online.

Åsögatan 108, Södermalm




StureOptikern is the place to be if you’re looking for high-end glasses around Stureplan

StureOptikern in Östermalm is, just as the name says, the eyewear shop that provides Stureplan with the city’s most luxurious frames. It’s a modern optician that challenges the traditional and where the focus is mainly on fashion, styling, and the frames. The shop is always at the forefront of the latest trends and from the fashion houses Celine, Dior, Givenchy, Loewe, Fendi, Saint Laurent, and more.

If your visual defect isn’t too complicated, you can have your new glasses on the same day. Of course, you can also get good help if you have more advanced eye problems – the store’s opticians are industry leaders and are always up to date when it comes to optics development. In short, it’s a “one-stop shop for the eye.”

StureOptikern also has several exciting collaborations and often organizes events. In addition, you can follow the store managers Jessica and Sofia on their adventures in the eyewear business, including in their podcast “15 minutes of frames,” which is available on Spotify.

Grev Turegatan 9, Östermalm

Ringdahls Optik

Ringdahls Optik in Kungsholmen is one of the city’s classic opticians. Since 1946, they’ve provided Stockholmers with affordable glasses, sunglasses, and lenses. Today, it’s run by two experienced licensed opticians who offer a small-scale way of doing business as well as personal treatment. That concept has been a hit; the store has a lot of loyal customers, and they got the Store of the Year award in 2021.

They put a lot of time and effort into the optical craft, where they constantly strive to be the best in class. They adjust earpieces, fix lenses, and perform traditional visual crafts in their own workshop. In addition, as contact lens opticians, they’re experts in everything in the lenses area. And as you know, that’s a lot. Soft lenses, hard lenses, night lenses, progressive lenses, day lenses, weekly lenses, monthly lenses…here you both get help to find your way in the lens jungle and can get a lens examination.

In addition to the craft and contact lenses, Ringdahls Optik has a great passion for colors, styles, and trends. If you’re looking for a pair of good-looking modern frames in the right style, you’ll not be disappointed. At Ringdahls Optik, you can find the latest eyewear fashion, personally selected from the market’s leading brands, and often difficult to find elsewhere. Ahlem, Dita, Cutler And Gross, Dick Moby, Saint Laurent, Eque.M, Tom Ford, Bottega Veneta, Victoria Beckham, and Thom Browne are just a few examples.

Fleminggatan 36, Kungsholmen

Sibyllegatans Optiker

Sibyllegatans Optiker is a licensed optician in Östermalm that has been around since 2008. But the premises have been used for optician activities since 1920, so the professional skills are deeply rooted in the walls. Today, it’s an experienced team that runs the store, and they constantly keep themselves updated on the industry and the latest trends.

Here, you can get help with vision or lens examinations (by appointment or drop-in) and most things related to your eyes. And when it’s time to choose glasses, the knowledgeable staff are happy to offer advice. The selection includes hand-picked frames from well-known brands like Tom Ford and Ray-Ban, as well as smaller manufacturers like Gouverneur, Savile Row, Lunor, and Caroline Abram. And if you need stylish sunglasses, Sibyllegatans Optiker has models in all colors and shapes – round, angular, retro, pilot, or whatever suits you.

Sibyllegatan 37, Östermalm
Glasses Stockholm
There are many excellent opticians in Stockholm that can help you find the right eyewear


No list of Stockholm’s best opticians would be complete without Sweden’s largest optician chain Synsam. They have stores all over Sweden, and all over Stockholm, including a flagship store on Norrmalmstorg. Synsam offers cheap eye exams, and you can find glasses in all price ranges from various brands.

There are also sunglasses, glasses for all kinds of sports, lenses, and opportunities to do eye health examinations to detect diseases or help you with problems, such as dry eyes. In addition, the stores collaborate with eye clinics where eye specialists can perform operations with eye lasers, a way to correct vision defects without the need for glasses.

Synsam is far ahead in most things that have to do with eye health and eyewear fashion. You can easily book the eye examination online, there’s a great webshop, and you can get customized eyewear subscriptions to just name a few examples. Besides, they invest heavily in sustainability and have been named the most sustainable brand in the optics industry for three years in a row. They have several stores for second-hand purchases, Synsam Recycling Outlet, where glasses can be reused and recycled.

Stores all over Stockholm, see website

KlarSynt Östermalm

KlarSynt is one of Sweden’s best optician chains and today has over 100 stores across the country. In Stockholm, you’ll find this well-established optician in Östermalm, among other places. For 35 years, they’ve been at your service in the perfect location on Linnégatan. Here you and your eyes get the best possible treatment and assistance from qualified and licensed opticians with long experience.
Book an eye exam, contact lens exam, or eye health exam. Or get help optimizing your glasses for better function – KlarSynt Östermalm has a Rodenstock Dneye certificate.

KlarSynt also has one of the market’s widest ranges of frames, glasses, and lenses. Here you’ll find glasses, sports glasses, children’s glasses, workplace glasses, and goggles from well-known brands. Examples are Silhouette, Hackett, David Beckham, Vasuma, Skaga, Jimmy Choo, Charmant, Maui Jim, Coco Song, and EoE. In other words, you’re guaranteed to find a pair of frames in your style at KlarSynt Östermalm.

Linnégatan 21, Östermalm

Get a perfect vision at Stockholm’s best optician

There you have our guide to Stockholm’s best opticians, where you can get help with glasses, lenses, and everything else your eyes may need. We hope you find the right eyewear store for you!

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