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- authentic olive oil and other delicious delicacies
One of the best things in life is delicious food, and in Stockholm you don’t have to look further than Olja & Oliv on Södermalm to find the promised land for people who enjoy good food, particularly delicacies from the Mediterranean region.

Last updatedLast updated: August 25, 2021

Olja & Oliv opened in 2003, and at that time it was the first olive oil store in Stockholm. Olja & Oliv’s passion for olive oil and balsamic vinegar is as strong today as it was when they first opened, so if you want to try authentic olive oil and other delicacies, head to the charming and well-stocked store on Erstagatan. With 60 different olive oils and 30 kinds of balsamic vinegar to choose from you are sure to find your favorite.
With 60 different olive oils and 30 kinds of balsamic vinegar to choose from you are sure to find your favorite.
In addition to oil and vinegar, the store also offers a wide selection of delicacies such as deli meat, cheese, spices, sauces, marmalades, chocolate, licorice, coffee, pasta, vegetables, and bread. In other words, this is the place to visit if you are looking for a gastronomic delight.

Additionally, there are olive oil-based skincare products, as olive oil not only can do wonders for your health but also for your skin. The products are additive-free and come from across the Mediterranean, but the focus has always been and remains on Italy – you’ll find high-quality items from small-scale producers where top taste and deep care for their product remains the by-word.

Olja & Oliv Stockholm

Enjoy good food and wine in the restaurant

The shop also houses a restaurant with 20 seats and a wine bar that has a wide selection of Italian and Portuguese wines, as well as several beers. On the menu, you’ll find classic Italian dishes such as cannelloni, delizie, and lasagna, along with a selection of cured meats, cheese platters, and deli trays. If you are in the mood for something sweet after dinner there is both tiramisu and panna cotta with seasonal flavors.

Olja & Oliv restaurant

Learn more about olive oil

Olja & Oliv also gives you the opportunity to gain more knowledge about the wonderful world of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. The store regularly organizes tastings, events, and lectures for 6-30 people in the evenings (current dates can be found on the website), and if you want, they can also come to your home or office.

So head to Olja & Oliv today and get everything you need for a delicious meal. Or why not order the delicacies from the web shop, where everything except the refrigerated and fresh products is available.

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