Nyko Kitchen: the newest neighborhood spot in Östermalm

Nyko Kitchen—Jillian Mascarenhas

Opened earlier this spring in the location where Mocco, his previous restaurant, used to be, Panos Zois’ new bistro shows no sign of the previous establishment—the furnishings and lighting are all new, as is the thinking behind the restaurant. Rather than cater to the dwindling “fika” crowd, Nyko is intended to better respond to the changed preferences of diners today, specifically: people that are more likely to have a glass of wine after work instead of a coffee and cinnamon bun at some other time during the day.

The name “Nyko” comes from the restaurant’s location: on the corner of Nybrogatan and Kommendörsgatan in Östermalm and the menu is filled with the owners’ favorite dishes, like tacos, gluten-free pizza, Poké Bowls and tartar.

(I have to admit that those are some of my favorites, too.)

(Which made our visit all the more tasty.)

Nyko Kitchen—Jillian Mascarenhas

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The restaurant is lovely and spacious. The soft gray walls balance out the light-filled interior, while the cool marble counters and metallic fixtures balance out the warm wood of the curved booths.

Given the pleasant, much-longed-for summer weather, we chose to sit outside, enjoying the early after-work atmosphere and the sparsely-populated streets, as many are already off on their vacations.

Digging into the paper bags holding two types of bread, we perused the menu and ordered drinks.

Nyko Kitchen—Jillian Mascarenhas Nyko Kitchen—Jillian Mascarenhas Nyko Kitchen—Jillian Mascarenhas

We started with the fantastic tuna fish tartar, made with a miso mayonnaise, kale, coriander, avocado, puffed glass noodles and spritzed with fresh lime on top. I was tempted to order another—it was that delicious. A perfect blend of tart, smooth, and umami flavors. Our other starter was the classic Swedish Toast Skagen (a typical Swedish blend of shrimp, mayonnaise, and mustard on toast and topped with dill).

For our mains I had the Hawaiian Poké Tuna Salad with avocado, edamame, a kimchi slaw, black rice and a mango dressing. The marinade on the tuna was a little too heavy and smoky for me, but the plate was filled with more than enough other goodies to fill me up. I especially liked the combination of the black rice with the slaw and mango dressing. Our second main was the classic American Caesar Salad.

As a neighborhood bistro, Nyko works well—beautiful decor, a well-balanced menu of classics and modern dishes, and a charming local feel. But Nyko also works as one of the highlights in Stockholm’s cache of superb dining spots.

Serving both locals and tourists with its varied menu sure to please many a palate, Nyko is a welcome new addition to Östermalm.

Nyko Kitchen—View Stockholm

Third, fourth and eighth photos by View Stockholm, all other photos by Jillian Mascarenhas.

Nyko Kitchen
Nybrogatan 61
114 40 Stockholm
08-660 60 88
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*Our meal (apart from drinks and gratuity) was provided by Nyko Kitchen. 

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