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Best dance clubs Stockholm

Dance the night away in Stockholm’s clubs!

THE VIEW: Nightlife in Stockholm

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    Bring on the Nightlife

    If the best version of you emerges after the sun goes down then you’re in the right place, because although the sun never really goes down during the warmer months, Stockholm’s club and pub scene continues to heat up.

    If dancing the night away is what keeps you from sleep you’ll find everything from trendy discos to underground cellar clubs, with some not closing their doors until 5am.

    There are also plenty of bars across the city, from modern and elegant wine bars to hotel lobby bars with a piano tinkling in the background to good old fashioned pubs serving up classic beer alongside micro-brews.

    The scene is big, varied, and thriving and you’ll be sure to find whatever suits your style. And of course, ViewStockholm is here to guide you in finding the perfect place for a night out on the town.