Night Light Clothes: Scandinavian safety in darkness

Once, I have seen a picture of Night Light Clothes online and fell in love with its style and concept from the first sight. It was designed to provide safety, warmth and comfort in the darkness for everyone, who spends a lot of time outside during autumn and winter months. Unfortunately, nowadays it is getting more and more dangerous to be on streets or walking along the road in dark time of the day, and wearing reflective elements becomes vital for the safety. But it is very rare to find a beautiful piece of clothes with reflectors, and not feel yourself as a firefighter or a policeman *smile*.

Evy Weisberg, the owner of  Night Light Clothes, is an extraordinary and wonderful person, who actually cares about others and tries to make our life better. Her company makes scarves and hats with reflective threads woven into the yarn, invisible in the daytime and shimmering, when the intense light shines upon them, just like magic. On the website, you can find hats not only for children but also for adults. If you are good with knitting, you can also buy a ball of yarn with reflecting elements and create a masterpiece yourself.

“It all started on a dark city street in Lillestrøm, Norway.  In the winter, the sun doesn’t come up until after kids get to school, and it’s often dark when they go home.  Our new house was located directly across the street from a middle school and high school, which meant almost 1,500 teenagers walked down our street in complete darkness.

I was always scared to drive.  Even with full headlights and street lights, there were always people I couldn’t see.  Sure, all the students knew that they should wear something that was reflective, but do they ever do what they’re supposed to?  

Surely there had to be a way to have clothes that looked good but also made you visible.  You know, the type of clothes that even a teenager would wear to school.

It had to be possible.

And that’s why we created Night Light Clothes.” 

Evy Weisberg

I have a scarf and a hat from Night Light Clothes myself, and they truly became favorite pieces in my winter collection. The hat is very warm and cozy, and a scarf looks very silky and nice. I LOVE, when they start to shine the moment I get a flashlight on them. So magical…

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