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Are you moving to Sweden? Or have you in fact already moved and are feeling a bit dazed and confused? Here are 5 great posts that will make your Swedish life so much easier.
Last updated: September 8, 2022
Moving to Sweden is “fabulous, terrifying, the best thing I have ever done, the worst thing I have ever done, quiet, lonely, strange, peaceful, freeing, healthy, beautiful.” It has all been said and felt before, and regardless of if you’ve been in Sweden for 5 minutes, 5 months or 5 years – you are not alone in your feelings and confusions.

And that is why The Newbie Guide to Sweden exists! A platform especially for newcomers in Sweden, with almost a thousand pieces of content describing and explaining the wonders of Swedish culture, administration, language and practicalities to everyone who is planning to move or has already moved to Sweden.

New in Sweden
Photo: © Jonas Jacobsson/Unsplash
For instance:

  • How do you get a personal number?
  • Do you go halfsies on a date?
  • What is the right thing to bring when you are invited to your supervisors midsummer party?
  • What are the words to the Swedish birthday song?
  • Do I bring a cake to work when it is my birthday?
  • How long can I drive in Sweden using my current driving license?
  • Can I bring my pet and how the heck do I make sense of the bureaucracy?
  • And how do I avoid rental fraud?

As you can see, the questions are many and varied. So if you are planning to make Sweden your permanent home, or are you just here for a school term – no worries, there is advice and tips for you.

The Newbie Guide get that it is hard to know where to start when there is a thousand posts to chose from, so here to get you started, are their top 5 most read posts:

Drivers licence Sweden
Photo: © Why Kei/Unsplash

The step-by-step guide to a Swedish driving license

Our long country has a lot of beautiful places to visit and a driving license will make things easier. But do you know all the different steps to get a license in Sweden? They consist of:

  1. apply for a learning permit,
  2. start your driving practice,
  3. study the theory of driving,
  4. take the risk training – riskutbildning
  5. book a time for a driving test.

And most important of all, do you know where you can do all these things in English? Head over to the post and find out.

The step-by-step guide to a Swedish driving license

Write a great rental application

Finding accommodation in Sweden can be a real challenge, especially in the cities. Unless you have a fairy godmother than can hook you up with a fabulous place of course. But for those who lack a fairy godmother, one essential step in the process of getting hold of an apartment or room, is to write an outstanding rental application.

But how is this done? How do you write an application that will make you stand out from all the other tenants? In their guide, they walk you through the writing processes and give you the best tips and tricks that will make your application sparkle and shine.

How to write a great rental application

ID card Sweden
Photo: © Georgi Dyulgerov/Unsplash

How to get an ID-card when moving to Sweden

Having a Swedish ID-Card – a so-called ID–kort – will make your life in Sweden a lot easier as you will need it all the time – when picking up packages from the post office or when you wish to open a Swedish bank account. An ID-card and a personal number are simply staples in how to get by in Swedish society. You may not be entitled to either if you are just here for a short while but if you are planning to stay longer, make sure you are updated on when, how and where to get started.

How to get an ID-card

Common Swedish phrases you must know

Some of learn Swedish in a year and some of us take a decade. And either one is fine. However, language is the key to all the cultural doors of society. Even a simple ‘hello’ said in the local language is enough to receive that smile of appreciation and friendliness.

Head on over to learn basic Swedish expressions and phrases that are used on a daily basis. They clarify how these common words are used in different contexts so you can get comfortable when dipping your toes in the Swedish language river.

Common Swedish phrases to know

Swedish parental leave and allowance

Swedish parental leave and allowance – the so called föräldraledigt and föräldrapenning, is one of the best (if not the best) in the world. It is paid out for 480 day (approximately 16 months) for each child. Parents are – because of gender equality aspects – encouraged to share the leave and allowance. That is why 90 days out of the total 480 days are reserved for each parent.

So if you are planning to have a child in Sweden, head over to The Newbie Guide to Sweden and find out if you are entitled to parental allowance, what it is, what SGI stands for, what benefits EU citizens have the right to and what your child is entitled to if they are born outside of Sweden.

Swedish parental leave and allowance

The Newbie Guide

Don’t like research?

The Newbie Guide to Sweden has a huge amount of articles on all things Sweden, Swedes and Swedish. But if you do not like to do your own research or just want to make sure that you cross the T’s and dot the I’s in your Swedish journey, you can check out their online courses which take you through various topics step-by-step.

Find your online course

That’s it folks

So, get your Swedish life started! Just pick one, start reading and remember, a lot of people have been where you are now. And if these five posts didn’t answer your specific question, you are more than welcome to visit The Newbie Guide to Sweden because most things newbie related, have been discussed and written about more than once over there.

And if you are feeling a bit lonely, you can come join their newbie community, listen to their podcast and start making friends and a life here. Good luck and welcome to Sweden!

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