New burger chain

A few days ago I had dinner at the recently opened ”Outstanding Burgers & Wings”situated just next to the cinema at Hötorget. It is the Swedish restaurant chain O’Learys new enterprise and they have plans to expand it all over Sweden.

The prices are affordable, with about 100 SEK for burgers and portions of chicken wings for the same price. On the list of side orders you find green salad, sweet potato fries, pickled slaw and more for 19 SEK each.

It was around 7pm but still warm and sunny so we decided to sit outside. We had just sat down when we realized how loud and noisy it would be out there. The market was just about to close so there were trucks picking up wagons and people rolling out their trolleys on the cobblestone.

We waited a really long time before the food arrived. Maybe I was just a bit too hungry but it started to feel frustrating. Furthermore, when the food finally came, one order was wrong and one was missing. The waitress was really nice though and excused for the delay. A few minutes later we had our food and could finally dig in.


I tried ”The Vegan”, a burger with Oumph and mashed avocado, and the sweet potato fries. The burger was a bit of a disappointment, the Oumph was a bit dry and there was barely any avocado on it. The sweet potato fries were really nice though, crispy and perfectly seasoned.

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We also tried their crispy wings with different dip sauces Unfortunately, this was also a let down. In my opinion there was not much difference between these and the ones you get for half the price at McDonalds. However, the sauces were good, especially the ”Momofuko” and ”Creamy Sesame”.


I wasn’t too satisfied after this meal and I think this place still has some way to go before it can really be called ”outstanding”…

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