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Having young children in a city like Stockholm can be a challenge, especially for parents trying to balance career and family life. To make it work, it can be incredibly helpful to hire a company like NannyPoppins. NannyPoppins offers safe and fun childcare with a professional babysitter in Stockholm. In this article, we tell you how you as a parent can have an easier everyday life while your child has a really fun time with a trained and certified babysitter!
Last updated: May 9, 2023

A babysitter can be a great help for parents struggling with a stressful life. Having a reliable and safe person to look after the kids when you need to take a break or run important errands can be a real lifesaver. A professional babysitter can also have a positive impact on the whole family by creating a calmer environment, which can make it easier for everyone in the family to deal with stressful situations.

Parenting can be demanding and stressful as it can mean keeping several balls in the air at the same time. Having to do all the household chores while taking care of the kids can be a lot at once – that’s where a professional nanny can help parents balance everyday life through safe and fun babysitting. A personal babysitter in Stockholm always makes sure that your children have a really fun time at home with a book, with toys, at the playground with other children, or on a day trip. This gives you as parents a chance to tackle tasks you didn’t have time for earlier in the week, relax, finish the work day in peace, or spend some time with your partner. Whatever the age of the children, the babysitter will help you with both the children and other simple household chores so that you can solve the puzzle of life in peace.

By hiring a babysitter in Stockholm from a professional childcare company, you as a parent can have more freedom and flexibility in your daily routine. Parenting doesn’t only have to be physically demanding, but can also be emotionally demanding. Taking a quiet day for yourself to recuperate can help reduce stress and improve well-being. Maybe you want to make time to exercise, have coffee with a friend or go on a date night with your partner. More time for relaxation can give you the extra energy you need to be the kind of parent you want to be!

A personal babysitter can make your life easier

Professional babysitting for children of all ages

The advantage of hiring a babysitter from a professional childcare company is that they can help you find a babysitter who can look after your child no matter how old they are. If it’s an infant, the company will help you find a babysitter who has experience and training in caring for a child at a young age. They will help you by changing nappies, playing, feeding, and putting the child to bed to make sure the child sleeps properly. For children who are a little older, the babysitter will help by, for example, reading homework with the child, playing, cooking, exercising, and taking the child between other activities. If you have more than one child, companies can also help you find a babysitter to take care of the siblings so that all the children have a fun time.

Babysitting services throughout Stockholm

There are professional babysitters ready to help parents in their daily lives throughout Stockholm. The established babysitting companies in Stockholm usually have experienced and safe babysitters who are trained to care for children at a professional level. If your family lives outside of Stockholm, there are babysitters near you who can help you there, as well as babysitters with driving licenses who can easily provide transport. This means you don’t have to worry about not living in a central location – professional babysitting companies are usually able to find a babysitter near you regardless of where you live.

How to know your babysitter is 100% safe

As a parent, your child’s safety is the most important thing. After all, you are leaving the most precious thing you have in someone else’s hands. A professional babysitting company cares about the safety of both the family and the babysitter, which is why they undergo several trainings and tests during the selection process. Professional companies conduct interviews with babysitters to make sure they are qualified to take on a job as a professional babysitter. In addition, companies carry out thorough background checks and criminal record checks. To ensure that the babysitters are qualified and safe, they undergo several tests and training programs ranging from pedagogy to accident management. Babysitters are also trained and certified in CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) for children.

In addition to the selection process, the companies ensure safe babysitting by managing several control tasks, handling tax payments, providing white salaries to the babysitters, and insuring the babysitters during the babysitting. The companies also train and gather babysitters who are specialized in taking care of children with special needs. By telling the company what you as a parent expect from the babysitter and telling them what your child’s specific needs are, the company will help you find a babysitter that is well-suited to your family.

If you as a parent are thinking of hiring a neighbor to babysit your child, all these points of safety are not guaranteed. Professional babysitting companies have experience in babysitting and bring together only the best babysitters to ensure that both your family and the babysitters feel safe. It is therefore important that you consider the importance of the above points when thinking about hiring a babysitter in Stockholm for your child.

Get childcare that fits your family’s schedule

Most companies usually have a variety of arrangements that parents can choose from. A common one is to get a babysitter to help with picking up and dropping off from preschool. You may need some extra time at work two days a week, and the babysitter can help you pick up the children on those specific days and make sure they have fun until you get home. Companies also have other childcare arrangements, such as babysitters who can help in the evenings, nights, weekends, and holidays. The important thing is to establish with the company and the babysitter the preferred times and days in advance.

Thanks to RUT everyone can afford a babysitter!

The cost of a professional babysitter can vary depending on the companies you choose to hire a babysitter from. It can also vary depending on the time of day as most companies usually have hourly rates. When you as a parent hire a babysitter from a professional company, the so-called RUT deduction is usually included, which means that each parent in the household can get childcare for up to SEK 75,000 each year. The RUT deduction halves the price of a professional babysitter in Stockholm.

For example, the company NannyPoppins, which has extensive experience in childcare, offers childcare from SEK 149 per hour. This applies to all their professional babysitters regardless of the time of day and the age of the children. The company ensures that all babysitters are safe and secure, which cannot be guaranteed if you are looking for babysitting from a neighbor. Companies such as NannyPoppins can help parents find a suitable arrangement for their family’s situation and offer free quotes.

The benefits of a professional babysitter

Hiring a professional babysitter can bring many benefits to you as a parent. High-quality childcare allows you to enjoy your time without having to worry about the safety of your children. Professional and taxed babysitting also means many benefits for your babysitter. In addition to being paid a proper salary, your babysitter is fully insured during the babysitting period. They also have access to continuous support and feedback from the company in question, allowing them to develop and grow in their role as a babysitter. Working as a nanny within an established babysitting organization is also a valuable qualification for the babysitter to have on their CV for the future.

Start with a no-obligation trial appointment

To find the perfect babysitter for each family, childcare organizations like NannyPoppins are careful to consider the family’s needs, preferences, and personality. The family then has the unique opportunity to choose the babysitter that they feel suits them best. To ensure that the babysitter and the family work well together, NannyPoppins offers a trial session. During the meeting, the babysitter and the family get the chance to get to know each other and make sure it feels 100% right. In the unlikely event that the family doesn’t feel it’s a perfect match, their childcare specialists will help find a new babysitter quickly and easily!

Professional childcare with NannyPoppins

Since 2007, the company NannyPoppins has helped thousands of families throughout Sweden to get their lives together through safe and fun childcare. They attach great importance to ensuring that both families and babysitters feel safe. All of their babysitters have been background checked and have undergone several in-depth interviews, tests, training in risk management and pedagogy, and are certified in CPR for children. Quite simply, NannyPoppins does everything to ensure that both you as a family and the babysitter feel safe with the babysitting – so that you can solve the life puzzle in peace and quiet!

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