Nakandiart and The Yoga Story unites to support Ugandan women

It was actually through Instagram that I got in contact with the founders of Nakandi Art, an organisation that has become life changing for a few lucky women in Uganda. Nakandi Art are helping women that have been attacked with acid, which is a common way of using violence against women in some countries.

The founder Karolina Stjernström got in contact with these women 2010 when she first visited Uganda for her bachelor studies. Later on she came back to write her Master with a SIDA scholarship and examined what happens to these women when they get out of the hospital. Unfortunately these women are pretty much left on their own with no support or help from the government or any institution and it is difficult for them to get back in labor.

The sisters Karolina and Johanna decided that they want to make a change and help these women so they started Nakandi Art, the women they are helping get to learn how to do create different kinds of handcraft and Nakandi Art sells the handmade art consisting of baskets, jewelry and other beautiful things that you can buy for a reasonable price and knowing that all the money goes directly to helping these women.

When I heard about this organisation I was so happy since I also have very strong bands to Uganda and I am in love with their culture, their music, their beautiful nature and of course, the warm people. Most people I met during the time I was working in an orphanage there were all so kind and welcoming. I have been back a couple of times since then and last time was in 2015 when I was teaching human rights, and I still felt the same love and warmth from the people I met.

This weekend Nakandi Art and The Yoga Story decided to unite in order to help these women. By selling their handcraft and teaching a yoga class, they were able to collect money to the victims of acid attacks and at the same time host this nice event with amazing food, juices and good vibes. A lot of people attended the yoga class and some came to just hang out in the good vibes atmosphere and buy some cool yoga mats from The grounded factory or some nice bracelets. All the money they collected will make a big difference for these women and I am happy I got invited to be a part of this.

Working within the fields of social work and human rights for almost 8 years now in total, I am well aware of the struggles. The most difficult thing is that you want to help everyone but we are only human and sometimes, helping one individual, is as good as helping a thousand people. We all got to start somewhere and I feel very fortunate to have had several positions where I have been able to have an impact on peoples life. I see the passion Nakandi Art has for this group of women and that’s why I have no doubt that they will make a difference.

You can find more info about Nakandi Art and The yoga Story on instagram, see links below.

Nakandi Art

The Yoga Stoy



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