- enjoy the Italian cuisine at Old Town's own trattoria

Who doesn’t want to eat pasta under the Sistine Chapel and be pampered with singing and tiramisu? Welcome to Little Rome in Stockholm.

Last updated: August 25, 2021

Michelangelo is a so-called trattoria – a plain Italian inn. Slide into Västerlånggatan in Old Town, have a seat among red and white checkered tablecloths, and order apertivos, wine, pizza, pasta, and much more.

Michelangelo opened its doors in 1973, and since then, they’ve served hungry Swedes and tourists homemade Italian cuisine. The owner is from Rome – a theme that runs through walls, ceilings, menu, and not least in the name, a tribute to the Italian master artist Michelangelo. His presence dominates the room with paintings, art, marble floors, and the well-known statue of David. If you look up at the ceiling, you are greeted by a reproduction of the famous ceiling painting from the Sistine Chapel. All this in national monument protected 16th-century premises with vaults and decorative knight armors.

Michelangelo wants to recreate the feeling of being abroad. It should feel like you’re on holiday in Italy.

“Many guests say that it’s like being in Rome,” says Nathaniel, restaurant manager at Michelangelo.

Simple, rustic, and intimate are the keywords. Something that you also notice in the menu. Everything is prepared from scratch with the heart in Italian traditions. A must is the Neapolitan pizzas baked in a stone oven at 450 degrees. What distinguishes Neapolitan pizza is that it doesn’t contain any oil, but is baked with fine-grained flour and a lot of water. It’s then put into the scalding hot oven for a maximum of one and a half minutes. The result is a perfectly crispy, thin pizza crust with flavor-preserved ingredients. It also means that it doesn’t take more than three minutes from the order until there is a fresh pizza on the table.

Michelangelo also offers a wide range of antipasti, pasta, meat and fish dishes with inspiration from various Italian cuisines.

Michelangelo Stockholm

“We like variation. Lamb shank and slow cooking are things that we cherish. But most popular on the menu is the Napoli pizzas and the tongue twister ‘Pappardelle Piemontese Al Tartufo’ – a truffle pasta with finely chopped beef fillet, portobello mushrooms, and spring onions, served with creamy truffle sauce.”

This isn’t the restaurant for those who just want the question ‘Does the food taste good?.’ Here you are greeted in the Italian way, with chitchatting and singing in a tongue-in-cheek style.

Our service really stands out. It’s always a show.

– Nathaniel, restaurant manager –

“Our service really stands out. It’s always a show,” says Nathaniel and tells about the head waiter who usually treats the guests with Italian singing and continues:

“For me as a restaurant manager, it’s essential that the service is authentic and fun. We want to recreate the feeling of being abroad. It should feel like you’re on holiday in Italy.”

Michelangelo Gamla stan

Michelangelo gathers both locals and tourists. Old and young, families with children and couples on dates. In the summer evenings, people like to drop in to try the Neapolitan pizzas in the charming 16th-century environment. The level of coziness is high both inside and outside with the Old Town alleys and lovely walking lanes right outside the door.

For those who want to have an event or party, it’s possible to book the restaurant’s basement vault with room for 80 people. Here you get access to your own music system, bar, and an arrangement with an Italian buffet or a customized menu with starters, main courses, and desserts. And if you prefer to enjoy your risotto and tiramisu at home on your couch, you can easily order takeaway.

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