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There’s no doubt that the Swedish man generally dresses well. Fashion trends, style icons, and the wide range also make it easier to find your style today. To meet the growing demand, there are plenty of first-class men’s outfits in Stockholm that offer made-to-measure and tailor-made in the highest quality. Whether you are looking for suits, shirts, jackets, sweaters, or any other classic garment that the handsome man needs in the wardrobe, there’s a menswear store for you in the city.
Last updated: December 20, 2023

I want a suite, a shower, a shave, and the feel of a suit. A classic John Mason line from the movie The Rock. Because what feels better than a really nice and well-fitting suit? Complemented by a high-quality shirt, elegant shoes, and all the right accessories. Dressed for success – with the right clothes, you feel like your best self. Ready to conquer the world.

Menswear store Stockholm

Stockholm’s menswear stores dress you in the right style

The male interest in clothing and fashion has never been bigger. And some know exactly what style suits them, while others need a little help along the way. If you’re unsure what suits you, it’s a safe bet to stick to classic lines. And the best way to find the right outfits is to turn to a well-stocked menswear store. Whether you wear a suit in the office or if you just want a nice classic style for the weekend, there’s something for everyone.

But how do you find the right men’s fashion? Should you choose made-to-measure or tailor-made? We have put together a guide to Stockholm’s best menswear stores to help you find your favorite in the men’s fashion jungle. From classic to more modern – and some tips if you’re looking for a little more international style.




Ströms is one of Stockholm’s true institutions for menswear in classic style. With a golden location in the classic intersection Kungsgatan/Sveavägen, this store has dressed men (and women – there is also an extensive department with women’s clothing) in stylish lines and high quality since 1906.

Ströms picks each garment with care and also has shoes and accessories in the range. Besides, the store offers personal shopping, made to measure, and is happy to give good advice and tips regarding style and clothing. Today, they are one of Europe’s leading premium clothing stores, and you can also buy their quality clothing online.

Kungsgatan 38, Norrmalm/City

NK Herrekipering

NK Herrekipering
In Sweden’s largest and most luxurious department store, Nordiska Kompaniet, there’s not unexpectedly also one of Sweden’s – and Stockholm’s – most well-stocked haberdashers, NK Herrekipering. In other words, it’s one of the city’s obvious destinations for the conscious man.

NK’s ambition is to be the country’s leading shirt specialist, and they offer an extensive selection where you’ll find all fits and brands you could imagine, both Swedish and international. There’s also a made-to-measure service for those who want a 100% perfect fit. In addition to shirts, there are also knitwear, trousers, jackets, suits, jackets, and accessories (from cufflinks to umbrellas). And don’t miss the classic NK shirt that’s only sold here.

Hamngatan 18–20, Norrmalm/City


Götrich menswear Stockholm

If only the highest quality is good enough for you, you’ll definitely find your home at Götrich in Stureplan. It’s one of Stockholm’s absolute best menswear stores and Sweden’s oldest tailoring dating back to 1730. For six generations, they have provided the capital’s men with personal and exclusive menswear focusing on premium quality and genuine craftsmanship. Timeless, durable, and ‘the real deal.’

In the studio, they measure and sew exclusive suits, shirts, coats, and formal wear such as tuxedos and tailcoats – just make an appointment. The store provides you with clothes, accessories, and bags from the well-known quality brand Baron. Even those looking for clothes for hunting and leisure be satisfied at Götrich. If you don’t have time to go to Östermalm, there’s also a webshop.

Humlegårdsgatan 19, Östermalm


Douglas Menswear

Douglas Menswear Stockholm

Douglas Menswear is a genuine tailor-made shop with complete freedom to decide what your garment should look like down to the smallest detail. The founder Douglas Köhlqvist has a long career in Swedish fashion, and in this men’s clothing store that bears his name, it’s tailor-made sewing of men’s clothing to one hundred percent.

For over a decade, Douglas has been synonymous with tailor-made male fashion – no ready-made range as far as the eye can see. Douglas was among the very first to invest in tailor-made male fashion wholeheartedly, and they can boast excellent knowledge, long experience, high quality, affordable prices, and above all, a fantastic selection. Through collaborations with European tailors, they offer their customers great variety and a tremendous selection of fabrics.

Nybrogatan 63, Östermalm


Eton menswear
Get your top-quality shirts at Eton’s brand store on Sturegatan in Östermalm – Photo: Eton

If you’re looking for stylish, quality shirts with a perfect fit, Eton has everything you need. This Swedish luxury brand was founded in 1928, and since then they’ve provided modern men, both in Sweden and internationally, with well-fitting shirts and accessories. In Stockholm, you can find their brand store at Stureplan, and they also have shops in the department stores NK and Åhléns City (you can also order online). The focus is on traditions and timeless design, where the Scandinavian style meets Italian craftsmanship. Eton’s shirts are made from high-quality materials, sustainable, and they’ve put a lot of effort into details such as collars and buttons.

Whether you’re looking for a formal shirt for a special occasion, a well-fitting business classic for work, or a casual wardrobe staple, Eton is the go-to shirt brand. There’s a wide range for all events to choose from. You’ll find the obvious classics, but the selection is regularly updated with seasonal colors and prints to elevate your style. In short, a garment from this legendary shirt manufacturer is a must-have in every man’s wardrobe.

Sturegatan 8, Östermalm

Hugo Stockholm

Hugo Stockholms has everything the the well-dressed man looking for exclusive timeless clothes needs
Hugo Stockholm has achieved the feat of being part of the ever-changing fashion world since 1978. Trends and generations have passed, but the cozy menswear store on Sankt Eriksgatan in Kungsholmen remains. The secret to Hugo’s long fashion career is the store’s exceptional ability to build long-term relationships – the store has many repeat customers – and, of course, a keen eye for fashion, style, and clothes.

The range includes everything the well-dressed man needs (and wants): jackets, coats, suits, blazers, knitwear, jeans, trousers, shirts, sweaters, accessories, shoes, and more. The garments come from the market’s leading brands, and the store is constantly looking for exciting new brands to include in the range. Of course, Hugo Stockholm also has a webshop, so you can order high-quality, exclusive, and timeless men’s clothing no matter where you live in Sweden. And if you shop online, don’t miss the store’s “Archive” with both old seasonal favorites and unique garments at unbeatable prices.

Sankt Eriksgatan 39, Kungsholmen

TWEED – Gentlemen’s Clothier

Get dressed for success in British tweed

Do you want to dress like a true gentleman in classic British tweed? Then you should head to TWEED – Gentlemen’s Clothier in Vasastan – Scandinavia’s home for the authentic British tweed style and a paradise for the true Anglophile. Since 2010, the menswear store has provided Stockholmers and occasional visitors who want to dress in this elegant, practical, and durable material with stylish tweed clothing from genuine British brands.

Over the years, it has been a successful concept – TWEED – Gentlemen’s Clothier (formerly known as Tweed Country Sports) has outgrown several premises and has now landed in a spacious and stylish shop on Odengatan. For more than a hundred years, gentlemen’s clothiers have resided in these rooms, so here you’re in historic menswear territory. And TWEED carries on the tradition with gusto.

The well-stocked store is filled with quality British clothing from floor to ceiling. Here you can find tweed blazers, suits, jackets, overcoats, hunting clothes, shoes, corduroy trousers, lambswool sweaters, umbrellas, suspenders, and much more. There’s also an excellent range of British shoes and accessories. Among the carefully selected brands, you’ll find Albert Thurston, Baracuta, Bladen Tailoring, Chrysalis, Drake’s, Fox Umbrellas, Lavenham, Tricker’s, and William Lockie. The store’s knowledgeable and friendly staff know the ins and outs of British tweed. They provide top-notch service and are happy to help you find a well-dressed style that feels stylish but, at the same time, casual and informal. And if you don’t have the opportunity to visit the store, you can order the clothes online in TWEED – Gentlemen’s Clothier’s webshop.

Odengatan 98, Vasastan



Men's tailoring services in Stockholm

The modern and innovative menswear store Blugiallo is your digital friend when you’re looking for classic men’s luxury. Their smart digital platform offers their customers the perfect combination of quality, fit, and service. As a customer, you can have your measurements taken through the store’s ‘online tailoring’ tool, a 3D body scan where all you need is 2 minutes and a smartphone. Alternatively, you can visit their showroom in Östermalm.

Blugiallo describes its garments as discreet luxury, and they are manufactured in well-known factories with high-quality fabrics. All clothes are made to measure and are produced uniquely for each customer. It provides both a perfect fit and a more sustainable way of shopping for menswear.

Artillerigatan 6, Östermalm


Italian fashion at its best in Menswear on Jungfrugatan

Do you need a modern and well-fitting suit? Then the store Menswear in Östermalm is an excellent choice. Here you’ll find carefully selected suits and other classic menswear from Italy’s top manufacturers for men that want stylish, high-quality outfits for work or other occasions when you need to dress up. With over 20 years of experience, this store knows what clothes are appropriate when and where, and is happy to help you find the right style.

The range includes suits (including wedding suits and formal wear), tuxedos, blazers, sweaters, coats, shoes, and shirts in the finest cotton. Plus, a wide range of stylish accessories such as ties, bow ties, breast pocket handkerchiefs, belts, suspenders, cufflinks, scarves, gloves, socks, underwear, and bags. In short, Menswear has everything the modern well-dressed man needs. If you can’t visit the store, there is also an online shop.

Jungfrugatan 12, Östermalm

Lund & Lund

At the exclusive menswear store Lund & Lund in Östermalm, the inspiration comes from Naples and Savile Row. The store has been in the same location for more than 50 years, and it’s clearly noticeable in the timeless atmosphere where most of the interior is still the same. Here you’ll find both classic and modern men’s fashion where the quality and the genuine craftsmanship shine through.

Lund & Lund combines ready-to-wear with bespoke tailoring and accessories for the well-dressed man – a concept they call ‘classic British for the gentleman.’ Directed by Gunnar Lund and staff, the store dresses both young career men and older gentlemen with a well-identified style. But no matter who you are, you always get the same personal treatment and service. Suits, jackets, shirts, pants, sweaters, overshirts, polo shirts, shoes, accessories, and much more – here is simply everything you could possibly need in the wardrobe. The brands are mostly Italian and carefully selected.

Sturegatan 12, Östermalm

Hans Allde

Hans Allde, one of the city’s classic clothing stores for men, has a given place when it comes to Stockholm’s best men’s clothing stores. Here you’re offered everything the well-dressed man could wish for – classic men’s clothing, rental of formal wear, and excellent tailoring under one roof. It was established as early as 1949 by Hans Allde, and today it’s run by his son, Lars Allde.

Since the beginning, this men’s fashion temple has been characterized by high quality, competence, and personal service. And it’s a concept that has worked – today, they have many repeat customers. Hans Allde offers an exclusive range of carefully selected garments from international world-leading brands for men. In the solid selection, you can shop for suits, jackets, coats, shoes, shirts, and accessories. In addition, you can both tailor and tailor and rent tuxedos and tailcoats from Italian Cornaliani.

Birger Jarlsgatan 58, Östermalm

Granqvist Store

Granqvist Store

Granqvist Store in Vasastan offers fashionable and timeless clothing for men who are looking for quality garments and men’s accessories in the premium segment. With the highest quality, long durability, and a better price than the competitors (thanks to direct sales without an intermediary), they’ve been running one of the best men’s clothing stores in Stockholm since 2017.

The store is relatively small on the surface, but Granqvist Store makes up for it in a big way with its excellent range and fantastic service. Here you can find clothes and accessories from their own brand, for example, shirts (both business shirts, linen shirts, and flannel shirts), pullovers, polo shirts, blazers, scarves, gloves, socks, and belts. And if you like to wear a tie, you can botanize in a gigantic selection. All products are made by the best producers (mainly in Italy), focusing on details and in limited editions.

If you need guidance on your style, you’ve come to the right place. From men’s style experts, you get the personal and honest advice you need to renew and build a sustainable wardrobe that contains everything the modern man could possibly need – for everyday life and parties. Only the absolute best, a large and well-sorted selection, reasonable prices, and world-class service – a hard-to-beat recipe for success that makes Granqvist Store the favorite store for a lot of men. And if you prefer to shop online, there’s also a webshop.

Rörstrandsgatan 10, Vasastan


Do you want to live La Dolce Vita and look for an outfit that matches your lifestyle? Then head to Gabucci. It may not be pure haberdasher in Stockholm, but a hot tip nonetheless. The range includes both men’s and women’s clothing from exclusive Italian brands with modern and tasteful lines. According to themselves, they never compromise on quality or service. With hand-picked fabrics and materials from some of the world’s leading producers, you get a very interesting range to botanize in.

The store on Nybrogatan is hard to miss with its pink floor and Gabucci’s yellow color. The man behind the brand, Bob Tavakoli, already in 1994 had the ambition to dress Scandinavians in the best Italian fashion. And he has undeniably succeeded. Today, Gabucci has grown and offers much more than that. If you prefer to shop online, there is also a web shop.

Nybrogatan 14, Östermalm

Trångsund 8

Trångsund 8 Stockholm

You find the excellent men’s clothing store Trångsund 8 among Old Town’s cobbled streets and historic buildings. The store is named after its address, and here you’ll find a well-sorted selection of menswear and accessories from quality Italian brands. A place made for the style-conscious man who wants to be well-dressed and likes to wear unique garments that stand out.

The range includes stylish and sporty quality garments in mainly natural colors. The traditional meets modern, and the well-tailored clothes come from Italian world-leading brands that you won’t find anywhere else in Stockholm. Four.ten Industry, Jerry Key, Scuola Nautica Italiana, Mastricamiciai, and Antagon are some examples. Shop a complete wardrobe of shirts, blazers, suits, jackets, sweaters, polo shirts, vests, and trousers. Plus shoes and accessories.

At Trångsund 8, men of all ages can find a suitable outfit, and the store is known for its exceptional service and lovely atmosphere. Customers don’t just come here to buy clothes but also to have a friendly chat and get some inspiration. In addition, sample sales, where you can find quality clothes at great prices, are regularly organized. Keep an eye on social media, so you don’t miss anything.

Trångsund 8, Old Town

Find the right menswear store in Stockholm

Try one of these menswear stores in Stockholm when it’s time to update your wardrobe next time. Or why not surprise your husband, boyfriend, son, father, or friend with a quality garment that he will love. Getting a tailored suit or jacket is a fantastic feeling, and also gives a little extra confidence before a dinner, a meeting, or the weekend. Good luck!

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