There are those nights out when everything feels just right. Where the perfect combination between great company, warm ambience, good music and delicate food exists under one and the same roof. Last night was one of those nights and I have Maya to thank for it!


At our arrival we’re greeted by our waitress and taken to our table upstairs, the place is small but held suprisingly many people and the reastaurant was completely booked up. We started with a Pisco Sour to drink, an incredibly well made drink for a somewhat fussy Latina who’s very picky when it comes to her Pisco!


Our starters came soon after and for the sweet potato lover that I am, this hit home at the first sight of it. Camote Frito, sweet potato fries with guacamole and mayo and an incredible Pimiento De Padron, grilled green peppers with olive oil and sea salt.


Enter the tacos, sweet baby Jesus these tacos! First off was the Hueva De Kalix, with whitefish roe, onion and sour cream. Secondly there was the Canasta De Atun, a grilled tuna soft taco with caramelized onion and chimichurri. This was by far my favorite taco! The third one was the Chicharrón De Cochinillo, a pigside with chili mayo, dried prosciutto and kale. Finally we had the beautifully presented sashimi taco, now for the sushi lover that I am this was a refreshing thing to eat on a taco and went really well with the wasabi cream and ginger. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves, because I’m getting a food coma just thinking about last night. But I can only say good things about the food and restaurant and highly recommend you go and pay them a visit and find your favorite taco!

Last but definitely not least, as this dessert is the cherry on top, is the magnificent Palomita, a caramelized popcorn ice cream with dulce de leche!


I kid you not when I say I had tears in my eyes when I firsttried this beautiful little dessert and I had to fight it off my date (this is why you never split a dessert, kids) to get the last bite. All in all, Maya is now on my top five places to visit for the food and warm service alone and I couldn’t have been happier with my Saturday night out!

Maya Sthlm is located at Scheelegatan 2 and you can follow their Instagram page here

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