People living around Stockholm’s Frejgatan report seeing the most unique people coming in and out of the doors of the Make Up Institute Stockholm. Word has it that  mutilated bodies, destroyed faces, body painted people, gorgeous models, and fantastically styled brides are just the tip of the iceberg. Just what is happening in the Vasastan section of the city?

When Shaul Moalem came to Sweden 20 years ago he didn’t know a single word of Swedish, but he did know makeup. That knowledge, combined with 26 years of professional experience in cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Paris, Milan, London, and Tel Aviv, was enough to land him plenty of contacts and the means to build his network, all while teaching Swedes beauty and beautification. In June 1997 he started Make Up Institute Stockholm.

MIST Stockholm

These days Shaul Moalem is one of the leading makeup artists in Europe, working both in Sweden and internationally. He also runs seminars for pro makeup artists and sits on judging panels at international make-up competitions around the globe.

“I think that anyone who has the desire to learn can become a skilled makeup artist and hair stylist. One doesn’t need to be a born artist. Most people who come to us don’t have any prior knowledge, apart from their own make-up, but when the 20 week training period is completed, they are all fully-fledged makeup professionals,” says Shaul, who is currently doing cast makeup for the premiere of a new film.

During the 20 week training course, students learn everything there is to know about makeup. There are no limits to what you can create with makeup and when the course is finished everyone should be a master all the arts – theater, film, television, fashion shows, and photography, as well as body art and special effects.

“The best thing about this training is the opportunity to work in the fashion, film, and advertising industries, all of which are very fun and challenging areas.  Trained Master Makeup Artists have a big makeup bag that they received during their education, a diploma, and portfolio, and they are ready to begin as makeup artists (and hair stylists) whenever they’re ready to make the leap. In recent years, the demand in, primarily, the advertising and media industries has increased enormously, and our students get many offers for freelance work even before they are fully trained,” says Shaul.

Make up eye shadow

“Today, the MakeUp Institute is one of the leading makeup schools in Europe. Students from all over Europe come here for a Masters in makeup. The school also acts as an agency for makeup artists. It helps clients find full service in one place: we have makeup artists, hair stylists, fashion stylists, and photographers in house,” says Shaul.  “One example is when the Swedish Social Democrats held their congress in Sundsvall. The MakeUp Institute’s artists were hired to do the make up and style 400 people over the course of a week.  Another example was when 300 people wanted to be made up  for an office party that had a rock theme. We only had two hours to make it happen but our 32 artists handled that challenge easily using the latest airbrush techniques.”

Beautify and uglify

Makeup artistry is a profession that attracts all sorts of different people, not least of which because of the excellent employment opportunities available once the course is completed.  TV, theatre, and film all use makeup artists, and these days a makeup artist should be able to do everything from hair to makeup in order to beautify or uglify people: from shimmering fairy queens to the wounded in wars or accidents. The main clients are advertising agencies and film production companies, and as a freelance makeup artist you can expect to get paid about 5 000 SEK per day.

Make up artist

A career for the future

A makeup artist is a profession for the future, where assignments can run from glossy magazine fashion shoots to television and music videos. Master makeup artists, which includes hairstyling and eyelash styling over  20 weeks at Make Up Institute Stockholm, costs 77,800 SEK. The price includes products worth 30,000 SEK, 50 portfolio images, and a workbook. The next course begins August 1, 2016.

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