Stockholm’s most luxurious watch event at LuxuryWatches

LuxuryWatches is an exclusive store located in the heart of Östermalm. They offer watches of the highest quality, with focus on the premium segment. Now it’s been more than two years since LuxuryWatches opened the doors to the store, which is located on Grev Turegatan 12 in Stockholm, for the first time. And there are exciting things happening in the store all the time.

One thing that makes LuxuryWatches special is the wide range of watches from the Swiss watchmaker Patek Philippe. Here you can find really unique copies that most people just dream about owning. And if they don’t have the watch in stock, they can always get it. A few times a year, LuxuryWatches invites selected regulars to visit their private Patek Philippe Museum, the first in the world, built only for Patek Philippe.

Patek Philippe museum

“We’re collectors ourselves, and have a passion for watches, that’s why we started the store. We would like to share our interest with others, since there’s a lot of enthusiasm for exclusive handcrafted watches today. The access is less than the demand,” says Tony Kavak, founder of LuxuryWatches, and adds:

“Today we rank as one of the world’s largest Patek Philippe collectors, and we have access to extremely unusual models. Some are so unique that collectors all over the world come to us when they want to get a special watch. Therefore, we want to invite them to these events where they get to see the entire collection.”

Luxury Watches event

Luxury premium range

LuxuryWatches’ shop is ambitious, to say the least. The store is also a supplier for all other leading premium watch brands, and they offer both new and used timepieces that you usually has to travel a good distance from Sweden to encounter. Regardless of the watch, he store can take home exactly the model the customer wants, even the ‘impossible’ ones, within the brands they’ve chosen to work with.

“Some of them are so unique that they’re only displayed in private viewings,” says Tony Kavak.

Luxury Watches Stockholm timepieces

Many exclusive watch brands

In the store’s selection you’ll find everything from brands like Rolex, IWC, Panerai and Hublot, to Audemars Piguet, Richard Mille and, as mentioned earlier, Patek Philippe. LuxuryWatches has, by far, Sweden’s widest selection of watches from the prestigious watchmaker.

“Many people begin with a so-called entry-level watch. When they realize that watches also have a high value on the second hand market, they often start to gain interest in more exclusive watches, and then they become collectors and as interested as we are,” says Tony Kavak.

Where: Grev Turegatan 12
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