Lunch at Eat Bistro in the Mood Gallerian

Hello my dear friends, I hope you have had a really good weekend, full of love and great food. I most certainly have and that just makes me so happy.
It is a custom for me to explore new bars and restaurants all the time, sometimes by recommendation and sometimes it’s just me walking up and down the streets and taking a chance. This time, thankfully, was a great experience and flavors that I’m still craving…
Located at the well known and a bit posh -no offense- MOOD Gallerian, Eat Restaurant claims to offer the best authentic Chinese food. I have never been to China myself but we do have a large and fantastic Chinese culture in Peru, so I am used to the deep, rich and diverse flavors from this marvelous cuisine. Their take is really exciting and it actually is as Chinese as you can get in Stureplan. Strong flavors, balanced and mellowed out to satisfy their Swedish and international patrons.

The restaurant is divided in 2, the main dining room (bistro) and the Jade Bar with a promising cocktail menu that I have to come back for and explore. For lunch they offer a wide menu featuring both steamed and fried dumplings, noodle dishes, pork/fish/meat options, a daily special and even some desserts. Hard not to find something to please your palate.
We chose the steamed dumplings with mushrooms and pork and the fried ones with pumpkin and roasted duck. These last ones were particularly delicious. The gummy texture of the pumpkin with the strong flavor of the duck resulted in a “killer” appetizer.
For mains we chose the roasted duck with noodles, coriander, sesame and peanuts; and some sort of roasted pork belly stew with peppers, pak choy and chili. What beats pork belly in any Asian sauce and rice? Nothing! This combination is just perfect. The fatty-ness and richness from the belly, almost “melting together” with the veggies and combined with plain and delicious white steamed rice is what would bring me from sadness to pure joy and excitement. So now you guys know what to feed me when you see me down, haha…
Prices are according to Stureplan standards, 100-ish sek for appetizers, 160-ish sek for noodles and 200-ish sek for mains.
You be the judge if it’s worth paying these amounts for lunch. I know that I am coming back really soon.

Let’s have a great week amigos!

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Cool vibe while eating

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