Lunch at Bistroteket

Good evening ya’ll, I hope you guys are having a great Sunday. I wanna share with you the great lunch I had yesterday at Restaurant Bistroteket.

I was introduced to the restaurant in one of my, as I like to call them, foodie walks, haha. This means that I randomly go out into the city in search of a new great place to eat. Being -still- kind of new to Stockholm, I had no idea that Bistroteket was going to become one of my favorite eateries in the city…

The restaurant is located in the so-called hipster district of Stockholm, Södermalm. And more specifically, in the coolest part of this district, a little area called Sofo. It constitutes a few blocks packed with great restaurants, cafés, design and clothing shops and a cool mix of internationals and locals wandering and giving it that hip vibe.
Of course, such a cool area pretty much demands great restaurants. And Bistroteket, in my opinion, ranks on my top 5 of the area.

With the motto “Here you can start your day and end your night”, they have a menu for every meal of the day. They are open everyday, so I highly encourage you to pay them a visit.
In this opportunity I was dining alone, so I only could try a couple of dishes. But man were they amazing!

I ordered the veal tartar (105 sek), the cream-baked egg (135 sek) and a classic cappuccino (25 sek).
The meal started off with lovely slices of brioche bread with whipped butter. The brioche bread is simply fantastic! Eggy, doughy, light and a bit crusty on the outside. Simple pleasures in life make me so happy.
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The veal tartar came first and as you can see it is a piece of edible art. The meat texture and freshness is remarkable. Clean flavors and perfect seasoning. The meat is mixed with the baked egg, providing a creamy and heavenly texture and flavor that I rapidly fell in love with. It comes with a red beet cream, capers, pickled red pearl onions, truffle mustard, potato chips and shaved truffle. Altogether, the dish was amazing!!!

Followed by it, came one of the best egg dishes I have ever had. Simplicity taken to food heaven. Toasted brioche, mayo, 64 degree baked egg, almonds and winter truffle. Superb! One egg would have been enough. But enough is never good, you should always go over the limit, specially when the food is cooked by chefs like the ones from Bistroketet. The egg, when cooked at this temperature, acquires one of the best textures and flavors in the taste universe. The creaminess of the egg yolk gets maximized and the flavor changes to perfection and addiction.
If there is one thing I would suggest for this dish is to cut or crush the almonds. They were served whole and it kind of roughens the delicate texture of the dish.
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I literally dipped my fingers on both dishes to extract all the flavors, I just couldn’t let them go…

Tack så mycket to the chefs from Bistroteket for an amazing experience!

And to you my friends, have a fantastic night and keep eating.
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P.s. A friendly advice to some of the service staff. A few were very nice and helpful to me, but others just didn’t seem to try to provide a good service. For a restaurant like this, all the staff should always be at its best, or try at least…

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