Looking like a queen thanks to Fair with Hair

I love braids and extensions cause it’s a way to express your style and who you are. I might look very Swedish at a first glance but quite many times I’ve been told by friend that I am more African than they are. I went to Uganda for work the first time when I was 20 and since then I’ve been in love with Ugandan culture and this love has grown to a love for Ghanaian culture, Eritrean and Ethiopian culture, Gambian, Senegalese, Kenyan and Somalian culture, I could go on for a while… I love the colorful clothing, the music, the food and of course, the hairstyles. I think I tried pretty much all braiding styles there is and I just love it!

Braids is not only a way for me to express myself, my style and my love for the whole African region, it is also a great way to connect with people all over the world. Whenever I travel there are always people approaching me because of my braids and I just love how something as simple as a hairstyle can connect people.

Yesterday I decided it was about time to try out something new so I went to Fair with Hair with high expectations since I’ve heard that they are really good at braiding. Well let’s put it like this. I was not disappointed and I look like a queen. I think I dare to say that I’ve had braids so many times now that I can tell if they are well done or not and the ones I got yesterday are a masterpiece. WOW! They are so well and artistically done that I was blown away from the result. This is by far the most beautiful and cool braids I’ve had. It’s art! I came in with an idea of how I wanted it to look and after a little consultancy I kind of gave the hairdresser free hands and the result is so much better than what I could ever imagine.

Fair with hair both have a saloon at Norrtullsgatan 26, very close to Odenplan metro station and they also have an online store where you can buy your own extensions. At the saloon, they are specialized in all kinds of hair extensions and wigs with real high-quality hair and what is great about the team is that they will color the hair so it matches your hair color perfectly and the result will look super natural. They also do the things you would normally go to a hairdresser for and they can do all different braiding techniques. They are simply experts when it comes to hair in general and I have made up my mind, from now on they will be the only ones fixing my hair, I will let the pictures of my new fabulous hair speak for themselves and you will understand why.

Bookings are done online here. Enjoy!

You can also find them on instagram here.

Maybe I’ll see you at the saloon in a couple of weeks when it’s time for a new hairstyle for me or if you see someone walking around looking like a queen in Stockholm, that would be me. 😉

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