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For the last few years especially i’ve been thinking about if i could create the perfect training facility what would it be like? Well today i had all of those answers confirmed and realised the moment i set foot in Sweden Barbell Club!
Only 2 months ago i did yet another search for gyms in stockholm that would give me a far better training experience than what i’m currently experiencing, and i didn’t find anything that particularly offered me something better than i currently receive. However when i searched yesterday afternoon something new popped up, a little bewildered i clicked on the link thinking that it looked very familiar even though i’d never seen it before.
What these guys have created is literally a dream for anyone who takes their training seriously, or anyone who would like to take their training seriously but hasn’t been able to find a location that allows them to do so. Well look no further, Sweden Barbell Club is the answer to all of your prayers and dreams, as soon as i entered the gym and met one of the creators, Frej a second later as he was sat at the front desk i wanted to excitedly blurt out ‘don’t say anything, just take my money already!’.
Sweden Barbell Club is a concept that i feel Stockholm has been missing for almost my entire time i’ve lived here. A hardcore strength and power focused gym, a gym where people come to train, not exercise.
It is focused around Strongman training but with the ability to powerlift, olympic lift, and even throw in some proper calisthetics if so required.
This is an elite facility where you’ll never have to worry about ‘rush hour’, membership will be limited to a specific number so that overcrowding will never be a problem. With generous opening hours of 7am – 10pm and keycard access you never have to really worry about when you can get to the gym, and it’s pretty conveniently situated just a few minutes from Fridhemsplan tunnelbana. There is excellent dining facilities for that pre or post workout snack. As i’ve already stated, and can’t state prefusely enough, this is the gym of your dreams.

In my skype chat with elite level powerlifter Pete Rubish he said that your training environment is a major factor in the progress you make, and i’ve known for a long time that the chain gym where i train the environment there is at best a headwind on my progress.
I didn’t leave the gentlemen in their outstanding establishment without guaranteeing them i would be back in one capacity or another, and with excellent membership rates i can’t recommend everyone checking them out at

or simply search for Sweden Barbell Club on facebook. Because membership is going to be restricted i suggest you don’t hang around in contacting them to have a Prov Träning / trying it out and getting yourself a membership.

I will be doing more stuff on these guys soon but i simply had to get something out there as soon as i got home because i’m genuinely shaking with excitement!

IMG_5119 Sweden Barbell club


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