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Driving a limousine is a completely different thing than driving a taxi. Five men in Stockholm, that each have their own company, joined together in 2015 and started Limo Group, a limousine service with high-profile clients. The company immediately became a success.

The five co-owners have come to know each other in different stages of life, and a couple of them know the market inside and out. The fifth one, Yaser, has learned from the others in the company.

“We have different backgrounds, but we are driven by experiences, and we have a passion for reliability and safety”, says Patrick Anlér in Limo Group.

He says that everyone in the group often have the same thoughts about the customer. Regardless of who the customer is, he or she expects the travels in Stockholm to be calm and peaceful. The time they spend in the car shouldn’t break those expectations.

“Everyone in our group have the same attitude, we think about what’s important for the customer. I get warm in my heart when I meet someone and can show him or her how the Stockholmers are. That the trips in the city can be something completely different than a ‘race in horror traffic’.”

Limousine Service Stockholm

Limo Group is often engaged even though the new company has never done any marketing campaign.

“We get our jobs through customer recommendations”, says Patrick Anlér.

Each of the five partners have brought their old customers into Limo Group. Many of them want the same driver as last time they were in Stockholm, even if that person doesn’t work in the old taxi company anymore.

Establishing a limousine company requires more than one person. New customers who want personalized service want to ensure that there’s more than one person behind a company in order to sign a customer contract.

“Being five drivers who almost all have experience from their own company makes us much more solid. It’s good for the company, too, that all the partners still have their own companies, meaning that each partner carries his own business risk.”

Limousine Stockholm

With the current number of people, Limo Group can offer the number of cars that’s required for competing for the big jobs. In total, the company can have nine cars in service at the same time.

“But we could double the number of drivers by hiring people we know that share the same values.”

The limousine industry in Stockholm is a small market with few players.

“A customer often want the same car and driver when they are in Stockholm. They have chosen to work with us because they know we deliver personalized service. We are not a taxi or car company. We are drivers with cars. Our clients book us because they want our type of driver. What type of car we drive becomes irrelevant.”

The passion for what they do, and the life in the car, can be seen and heard clearly when this interview is done in one of the limousines.

What kind of jobs does Limo Group get?

Yaser, for example, have driven artists for a national organization during a period of time. The main booker wanted to get away from rental cars, or cars driven by hired young people, with poor experience.

“These customers have had drivers who couldn’t find their way, or that had language problems. There was a reservation in the mission – to be able to deliver some catering, to pick them up at a certain time or drop them off at a particular time. There are many additional requests that come with the larger missions. But our clients know that we deliver”, says Yaser. That type of customer often want full flexibility and a certain type of car, he says.

“You have to constantly be ahead of the customer and fix things – it can be cold drinks, snacks or anything else. That’s what I love about the job, you have time to almost develop a relationship with the customer, who may even contact you much later, and returns. Andreas, for example, gets many clients who had him as a driver two years ago”, said Patrick Anlér.

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Who are the returning customers?

“It can be embassies, the Swedish government, or a international government. Many of them we can’t actually mention.”

Other high-profile clients come from the business world or the entertainment industry. Limo Group gladly tells you about a foreign royal house who was in Stockholm on a private visit and booked a car and driver for 13 days. The driver and the car had to be available all the time.

“A royal house demands high security, and they need a driver they can trust. We drove to where they wanted to go and the client was very satisfied. The resting time rules don’t apply to entrepreneurs. A driver may drive every day, 13 hours a day.”

Driving a limousine in this type of missions is more of a lifestyle than a job. It’s important to find a good balance and a solid economic foundation that can support you.

Limo Group is a part of an organization with switchboard and traffic control for major customers that signed contracts. In the switchboard they answer the telephone at all hours. All drivers also have their own app, and can always follow what happens.

“Our customers can call at any time, except five minutes past midnight on New Year’s Eve perhaps. Otherwise, they always get a car, even if it’s short notice”, says Patrick Anlér.

One of the more special jobs was when he drove two men who won the top prize in poker.

“I drove them between different clubs and finished off around 3 am. I picked them up at Medborgarplatsen, and then they wanted to take the first flight to Spain from Arlanda Airport. I managed to book online and when I got off in the morning, I received an amazing tip.”

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