Lidingöloppet 2021: World’s biggest cross country race!

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Despite its humble reputation Stockholm certainly does like to do things big – and Lidingöloppet 2021 is no exception. It’s one of the biggest sporting events of the autumn season and the perfect excuse to spend a weekend in Stockholm.
Last updated: March 9, 2021
Since 1965 the island of Lidingö, just over the bridge from Stockholm has been attracting runners from around the world to its annual cross-country race. When Lidingöloppet first launched more than fifty years ago just 644 people took part. But as word spread across the running world that number quickly grew.
Lidingöloppet - cross country race in Stockholm
Lidingöloppet – Photo credit: © Fotografgruppen/Flickr
These days nearly forty thousand people take part annually. Some are keen to run the full 30 km category, while others stick to some of the less taxing races that are held during the weekend-long event, such as the Pink Ribbon Race (Rosa Bandet-loppet), which is 10 km for women and supports breast cancer research.

Another is the Little Lidingöloppet, designed for kids 7-15. The course runs from 1.7 km for the younger ones up to 6 km for those more experienced (or ambitious!). And if running isn’t your thing you can do the walking race, which is free from time recording and offers courses from 4-10 km.

Lidingöloppet Stockholm
Photo credit: © Ove Nordstrom/
Organizers are firm in their belief that Lidingöloppet is for everyone, whether you’re a beginner testing your race legs, a dedicated runner who wants to improve your time – or maybe you’ve got something to prove. There are categories for all ages and varying distances, so no matter if you’ve never run further than to the pub or you consider yourself a veteran of the race scene it’s time to grab your running shoes and head to Lidingö.

And if Lidingöloppet 2021 isn’t enough of a challenge, why not check out our comprehensive guide to running races in Stockholm 2021.

September 24-26, 2021
Featured image credit: Fotografgruppen/Flickr
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