Let’s Draw Smiles in the World.

Hejsan Allihopa!

Today I would like to dedicate my post to a Venezuelan-Swedish Humanitarian Volunteer Group in Stockholm, who have created a charity nonprofit organization named “Juntos Dibujando Sonrisas” or what it means in English “Together Drawing Smiles”, which have as main goal to collect resources as clothes, food or the most basic necessities for children’s i
n poverty or risk situation in Latin America, specifically in Venezuela.

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Venezuela is a Caribbean country, renowned for its beautiful women, Miss Universes Record Guinness, the chocolate, the joy and charisma of its inhabitants and its spectacular landscapes and nature. Unfortunately Venezuela lives right now an historical political and economic crisis situation that have led to a humanitarian emergency, and most affected from this are the children, which are and should be the future of every nation.

“Juntos Dibujando Sonrisas” is a group of young volunteers, both from Sweden and Venezuela that raise funds and basic needs to bring to the children in need in Venezuela. This extraordinary group of volunteers organize different charity events, fairs and local meetings, where Locals and Foreign can taste and enjoy the customs and incredible traditions from Latin-America, with an extraordinary gourmet menu and the warmth of traditional live music, with the goal of raise enough resources for this humanitarian mission.Post3 - DPost3 - BPost3 - C

Last May 28 they conducted one of their benefits events called “Serenata Criolla” in Stockholm city, were they raised almost 15 thousands Swedish crowns. “Juntos Dibujando Sonrisas” also could collect clothing and other materials, which will be send it directly from the volunteer’s hands to childrens in Lara State in Venezuela. Also this group have plans on expand to bring this humanitarian help to another cities and countries in need, where the children suffers most of critical situations of their countries.

As Venezuelan, I feel really moved to see all the expressions of help and charity that will bring joy to all those who are the future of our world; Not just for a country like Venezuela, which I bring every day in my heart and I remember it as my own home, but to all those who really need a helpful hand and all our support. We need to keep working for the future of our world.

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If you would like to Join as volunteer, or help with a donation, you can contact them by the e-mail juntosdibujandosonrisas@hotmail.com or by the phone number (In Sweden) 0704 929 967.

You can also follow all the volunteers work and the results of this charity mission by Instagram @juntosdibujandosonrisas  or by facebook.com/juntosdibujandosonrisas.



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