Legnology, the new must have in every womans wardrobe

When I first found out about the Swedish company Legnology I almost thought that their products sounded too good to be true. How could a pair of tights/leggings be both good looking with a nice fit that shapes the body, be comfortable, have the function of a high-quality compression product AND be sustainable and good for the environment. Of course producing leggings, itself can’t be good for the environment but Legnology really takes environmental thinking to a new level, they really stand for what they believe in, a sustainable production. They use zero plastic in their packaging and it’s made from certified food grade paper. No harmful glues or UV-prints are used, which makes it 100% biodegradable. Also, their manufacturer use solar powered plants on machines that use up to 20% less energy and the steam from production is recycled in to the heating of the plant and the dye house is using a closed loop system.

You might understand why I thought this was all too good to be true but hands down, the products are truly amazing and the women behind the products should really be proud. I tried both the stay up leggings and their thickest tights in 200 denier while doing my yoga practice and I could really feel an increased blood circulation and support, especially when you practice Yinyoga and stay still for long in poses, you could really use that extra support so that your legs won’t fall asleep and make you uncomfortable in your asana. They are also perfect for more dynamic yoga like Hatha or Vinyasa. And one thing is for sure, I will definitely bring the stay up leggings on all my upcoming long flights.

Legnology offers a variety of great product and if you want to find the perfect tights for your yoga practice, for long flights or for your everyday life, you now know where to find it.

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