Le bistro, a bit of France in the middle of Stockholm

Swedish summer is not always what we hope it to be and most often a little escape now and then can be necessary.

But not everyone travels as much as Nicole the traveljunkie (I just realized that by the end of 2017 I have been travelling for 3 months in total this year). Back to my point, the flights are crazy expensive right now because of the cold weather and we might still be in need of that escape even though we cant’s find the money or time to travel.

My advice, find cute cafes or restaurants with a national theme. How about a really cool Thai och Indian restaurant? If you have the kind of imagination as I do, this could actually work. So Thursday night me and my friend decided to take a little trip to France. We booked a table at Le Bistro at Kungsholmen, in the central Stockholm and we also decided to dress like we were in French, yup we actually did this. I found this old dress with stripes, my favorite stilettos and a red lip stick and suddenly I felt like this classy French girl going out for dinner in some fancy part of Paris, (And yes, I do have the fantasy of a 5 year old).

Bringing that "French look"

I had been having this longing for halloumi cheese for a couple of days so I was delighted when I saw the vegetarian halloumi burger on their menu. It was beautifully served with crispy fries, avocado and pickled onions. As always, a picture can say more than a thousand words so I’ll let the pictures talk.

Le Bistro bread

Halloumi burger Le bistro

Le Bistro Kungsholmen


Visit the website for reservations, location and menu. Le Bistro

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