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Unwanted body hair, lentigo, a tattoo you regret, visible blood vessels, or unflattering lipoma somewhere on the body. They are quite different things, but they have in common that they can all be removed with varying types of laser treatment, and in Stockholm, many clinics perform various kinds of laser treatment.
Last updated: May 26, 2023

But which clinic is the best if you want to remove hair, an old tattoo, or varicose veins on your legs? Before deciding which clinic to choose, you should read what the clinics offer and what their different methods and arrangements entail.

The most common laser therapy is permanent hair removal, where hair can be removed from the entire body using the laser. But the possibilities with laser are far more extensive. Which treatment you should choose, and which is best for you depends entirely on your needs, conditions, and the results you want to achieve.

Laser treatment Stockholm
Stockholm offers meny great clinics for laser therapy

Find the right clinic for a laser treatment in Stockholm

Stockholm is full of beauty salons and clinics if you want laser treatment. Whether it concerns hair removal, lentigo, tattoo removal, or something else, there’s a clinic with well-trained staff who will take good care of you.

But how do you find the right clinic? Which places offer exactly the treatment you’re looking for? And what kind of equipment is used? In a large market, it’s not always easy to find what you’re looking for, so to guide you in the laser jungle, we have put together a guide to clinics for laser treatments in Stockholm. Just make an appointment.





Get a gentle and effective laser treatment at Eraze in Östermalm

Eraze has long experience with gentle laser treatments, and since 2015 they’ve offered treatments with the latest technology in skin, hair, and tattoos. Over the years, their team of nurses and doctors has performed more than 25,000 treatments. In other words, you’re in good hands. All treatments begin with a thorough consultation so that you can feel completely safe.

The clinic offers hair removal with Elite IQ, which provides a safer and more powerful laser hair removal treatment, but also treatments to remove acne scars, unwanted pigment spots, and more. The technology is called PicoSure and is considered revolutionary for more effective, safe, and gentle treatments. At Eraze, you can also remove unwanted tattoos of all sizes and colors with a laser (also using PicoSure technology). It’s the only clinic in Sweden that can remove all colors of a tattoo, both black tones and other colors such as green, blue, and purple.

Sturegatan 34, Östermalm

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Notorious Ink

Notorious Ink Stockholm
Notorious Ink can help you get rid of an unwanted tattoo
Notorious Ink, located in the shopping center Westfield Mall of Scandinavia, is one of Stockholm’s most popular tattoo studios. They are known for their beautiful quality tattoos, and their skilled tattoo artists have performed 10,000 tattoos for satisfied customers over the years. During your visit to the studio, you always get professional treatment and are well taken care of by the friendly and helpful staff. Everything to make you feel 100% safe.

But Notorious Ink isn’t just a great choice if you want to get a new tattoo, but also if you wish to get rid of an old one that you’ve grown tired of, regret, or for some other reason don’t want to keep. The studio can remove your tattoo with laser treatment or, if possible, make a cover-up tattoo. This means that your old tattoo will be covered with a new design or that the tattooist will make additions and minor changes to the old design to make the tattoo more suitable for you. Note that not all tattoos can be covered by new ones, but if it works, it’s a good alternative to laser removal.

Mall of Scandinavia, Stjärntorget 2, Solna


Operakliniken Stockholm
Operakliniken offers many kinds of laser treatments

Operakliniken is a modern specialist clinic in aesthetics and beauty located in the middle of Stockholm city. They have long experience in permanent laser hair removal, using effective IPL (intense pulsed light) and diode laser methods. During the treatment, you’ll be well looked after by professional, pleasant, and knowledgeable laser and skin therapists who always use the market’s best equipment.

In addition to hair removal, Operakliniken also offers laser treatments to remove lentigo and permanent tattoo removal. Before the treatment, a free consultation is always included so that you get the best conditions for your laser treatment – you, as a patient, is always number one.

Vasagatan 48, Norrmalm/City



Lifetime Clinic

Lifetime Clinic laser treatment
Lifetime Clinic has three clinics in the Stockholm area

At Lifetime Clinic, you can get gentle and quality-assured beauty treatments, and they currently have three clinics for laser treatment in Stockholm. In hair removal, they offer diode lasers, which through their intense pulsating light, quickly and effectively (hundreds of hairs are removed in just a few seconds) eliminate all embarrassing hair growth for good.

Lifetime Clinic uses the Sapphire diode laser, a quality machine that means less pain as the surface of the nozzle is cooled down to -7 degrees. The treatment produces a positive long-term effect, usually referred to as a permanent result. To achieve the best possible results where you get rid of the hair growth completely, you should ideally carry out a series of treatments as several hairs are in different growth phases.

Kistagången 26, Kista
Harpsundsvägen 76, Högdalen
Storholmsgatan 11, Skärholmen


LaserCenter is a laser treatment clinic in Solna that has offered advanced aesthetic skin care in a fresh and harmonious environment since 2004. Over the years, these experienced specialists have performed hundreds of thousands of treatments, and today they have 12,000 regular customers. The clinic performs laser treatments against hair loss with the AlphaLase LX40/50 and hair removal with the Light Sheer Diode Laser, which has been the standard in hair removal for two decades.

The clinic also offers effective IPL treatments against pigmentation, varicose veins, sunspots, and large pores. Through Ablative Fractional Skin Resurfacing with Lux 2940, LaserCenter also provides skin rejuvenation, reduction of wrinkles, minimization of acne scars and surgical scars, as well as improvement of stretch marks and skin tightening. The treatments begin with a free medical consultation, and they also offer free follow-up afterward.

Solna torg 19, Solna

Laserklinikcenter i Stockholm

At the Laserklinikcenter in Stockholm, they have extensive experience in aesthetic treatments and have done more than 20,000 treatments. The clinic offers laser treatments for various skin conditions, including permanent hair removal, tattoo removal, and skin rejuvenation.

Laserklinikcenter is centrally located in Stockholm on Upplandsgatan and offers the latest laser with three wavelengths. It enables safe and effective laser treatments that suit all skin types and require fewer treatments. With solid competence, Laserklinikcenter provides all its clients with the best treatments that meet all expectations and more.

Upplandsgatan 19, Vasastan

Stockholms Laserklinik

Stockholms Laserklinik specializes in cosmetic and therapeutic laser treatments with the latest technology. They offer laser for tattoo removal, hair removal, and carbon peeling (also called Hollywood treatment), a deep facial peeling performed with laser to achieve skin rejuvenation. To remove tattoos, the clinic uses the Surgical Medical CE class 120 Q-switched Nd:YAG laser – a laser equipment with two different wavelengths that can bleach all the different colors that are usually found in tattoos.
Rörstrandsgatan 3, Vasastan




Akademikliniken was founded in 1991 and is a leader in plastic surgery, aesthetic treatments, and advanced skincare in the Nordics. Their clinics are in three Nordic countries, and in Stockholm, they are in four locations around the city. Here you will always meet credentialed, certified, and authorized staff (nurses, skin therapists, and doctors) who, with their long experience, can offer you the best possible treatment with the latest technology and state-of-the-art techniques.

In the laser area, Akademikliniken performs permanent hair removal with IPL and diode lasers. IPL produces a wider light spectrum in different wavelengths, and depending on the treated area, different nozzles are used. In addition to hair removal, the clinic also offers IPL treatments to remove wrinkles, superficial blood vessels, lentigo, and tattoos.

4 addresses (click to see)
Storängsvägen 10, Gärdet
NK, Hamngatan 18–20, Norrmalm/City
Birger Jarlsgatan 26, Östermalm
Hornsgatan 70, Södermalm
Tattoo removal Stockholm
You can remove an unwanted tattoo with laser


Irradiakliniken is located in Hjorthagen and offers medical, aesthetic, and surgical laser treatments. They’ve been around for 25 years, and today they offer one of the widest ranges of lasers for facials, hair removal, and much more. In the welcoming premises, you’ll receive personal and professional care from skilled staff who always strive to offer the best laser treatment. All staff are credentialed, certified, or graduated.

The clinic offers an Alexandrite laser, diode laser, KTP laser, CO2 laser, fractional laser, NdYAG laser, GaAs laser, HeNe laser, and GaAIA laser. These laser techniques can be used to treat, among other things, canker sores, shingles, inflammations, tinnitus, warts, acne scars, and nail fungus. In addition, Irradiakliniken is the reference clinic for the company Irradia, which manufactures lasers. This means the clinic always has access to the latest laser information and technology on the market.

Porjusvägen 19–21, Hjorthagen

Acape Laser

Acape is a personal skin care and laser clinic in Södermalm with an extensive range of laser treatments performed with high-quality equipment. In the pleasant premises at Mariatorget, treatments are performed by medically well-trained laser therapists with extensive experience in their field.

Acape Laser offers laser treatment for hair removal, skin rejuvenation, and scar treatment, but also for treating, for example, superficial blood vessels, warts, and birthmarks. They mainly use the Motus Ax Moveo from Deka with Alexandrite lasers that give results their customers always come back for.

Swedenborgsgatan 12, Södermalm
Equipment for laser treatments
Laser equipment


Stadskliniken in Vasastan is a modern clinic that specializes in laser and injection treatments. They treat most things that can be treated with laser light, including hair removal, wrinkles, leg veins, blood vessels, redness, rosacea, acne, pigment spots, scars, nail fungus, and age warts.

Stadskliniken’s doctors and specialists have solid experience and many fantastic results to refer to, which has given the clinic many loyal customers.

Tulegatan 3, Vasastan
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There you have our guide for those who want to find good clinics and beauty salons that perform laser treatment in Stockholm. Whether you want to get rid of unwanted hair growth, lentigo, a tattoo, or have some other need, we hope you’ll find the right laser clinic for you.

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