Keeping Cosy with Colmar

Hi everybody!

Happy New Year!

Sorry I’ve been quiet for a while. In December I headed back to the U.K for Christmas and New Year. I had such a wonderful time. I spent plenty of time with friends and family just generally enjoying the holiday season. Plenty of parties and meals out and catching up with everybody. It’s been amazing! But I’m back to reality and back in Stockholm now – and it feels great to be back!

My first thought landing in Stockholm was just how much the temperature has dropped since I left in December. Of course I was more than mentally prepared… because back in my apartment taking pride of place in my Winter wardrobe is my beautiful Colmar Winter coat. Matte black and mid-length… this beauty will keep me warm through the winter months. To be dressed up and dressed down, it tends to go with absolutely everything I pair it with. And being mid-length (mainly for warmth reasons) it actually looks super stylish too and I particularly love wearing it with skirts and dresses when I go out in the evenings.

With a sea of winter coats to choose from, my Colmar jacket is my all time favourite.


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