Kayaking through Stockholm

Stockholm is surrounded by water, and kayaking through the city center gives a whole new perspective to the beauty Stockholm offers.
Last updated: March 9, 2021
While you can enjoy kayaking tours that run up to five days and take you out into the archipelago a good way to get your feet wet (not literally, of course!) is to either rent a kayak in the city center (if you’re experienced) or take one of the guided tours. It’s the perfect way to try kayaking safely while enjoying stunning views and some serious adventure.

One tour leaves from Djurgårdsbrunn, just on the edge of Stockholm’s Royal Park Djurgården three times a day and runs about two hours. The tour is in English and perfect for all ages and abilities. Once you receive some basic instruction it’s into the water you go, where your tour guide will take you down along Djurgårds canal before moving back into the city center.

Kayaking through Stockholm

You get a perfect view of the City Hall from your kayak

Stockholm sightseeing from the kayak

The groups are small – up to eight people – and as you paddle your tour guide will bring your attention to points of interest along the way, such as Vasa Museum and Junibacken. You’ll cross vast swaths of water, glide under bridges, and get close enough to swans and other birds on the water to reach out and touch – but don’t do it: the swans in Stockholm are as ill-tempered as everywhere else and yes, they bite.

You’ll pass by hip Södermalm, Old Town, the Royal Palace, and Stockholm’s poshest street Strandvägen, and there is plenty of time for photos.

The pace is not difficult and the guides are happy to stop and rest as needed. You may have to pause here and there to let the giant ferries pass, which will create some fun waves for you to navigate. Once you’re back on dry land you’ll be amazed at how quickly the tour went – and wondering when you can book another one.

Enjoy kayaking through Stockholm!



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