Junibacken opens with great noise!

On July 10, Junibacken opens again. It is celebrated with the premiere of “Topsy turvy with Pippi Longstocking” where visitors can lift Alfonso the horse, crawl into the sugar drink tree, play in the candy store, fly Pippi’s plane and discover how difficult it is to have a nice coffee in Prussiluskan’s home where no angle is right. Junibacken has been closed for almost four months due to the Corona pandemic, but now the doors are opening again to celebrate Pippi Longstocking’s 75th anniversary.

Topsy turvy with Pippi Longstocking invites children and adults to scenes from the books and movies about Pippi that many recognize.

– We want the children to experience the feeling of participating in the scenes that they recognize from the stories about Pippi. Great emphasis has been placed on the details that give both children and adults a fantastic experience at Junibacken, says Sanna Pedersen, operations manager at Junibacken.

The Pippi exhibition was created to celebrate Pippi’s 75th anniversary and was scheduled to open in May, but the Corona pandemic came in between.

– We have introduced a number of measures that make us feel secure in being able to open with the safety of visitors as the highest priority. It has been a tough time and now we are happy to open and to celebrate Pippi’s anniversary, even if it was a little later than planned. We open responsibly and take in much earlier visitors than usual, says Kajsa Medin Hansen, CEO of Junibacken.

The popular show Pippi moves in is played all summer. The theater is played by a children’s ensemble and here visitors get to experience Tommy and Annika’s first meeting with Pippi Longstocking.

Advance purchase of entrance tickets is recommended

Junibacken receives limited visitors. For a guaranteed place, visitors are recommended to pre-sell a day ticket with a booked entrance time on junibacken.se

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