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After two years of living in Sweden, I have started valuing things that are made of ecological materials and won’t destroy our Mother Nature after their use has expired. I truly learned to enjoy recycling and to understand matters of living in harmony with our environment. In every shop here you can always find eco-food, eco-clothes, eco-bags and so on. And I really appreciate the Swedish way of thinking and caring about nature. It opened my eyes to things I could have easily ignored before…

For example, hand-crafted wooden watch JORD. I have seen this brand, based in St.Louis (Missouri, USA), on Instagram, and fell in love with it from the first eyesight, because it is AMAZING!

For example, this watch, from DOVER series is made of Zebrawood and Dark Sandalwood, with sapphire crystal glass. In my opinion, it is one of the most elegant male models of JORD, and would perfectly fit the person whom I got it as a present. Otherwise, you can find so many other male and female models made of a big variety of Wood: from Acacia, Bamboo, Ebony, Golden Camphor, Koa, Kosso, Maple, Olive, Purpleheart, Rosewood, Sandalwood, Walnut, and Zebrawood.

It is not only nice to wear things made of natural materials, but it is also filling you up with a universe energy, because what else can have more meaning than wood? When a tree is growing, it is collecting all the wisdom from Earth, giving us air to breathe and providing humans and animals with a home to live. And if the choice will come which material to pick – a cold metal, synthetic plastic or a warm living wood, I will always go for wood.

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Wooden Wristwatch

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