It’s that Johnny Depp….In Stockholm???

Summer in Stockholm is one of the most amazing experiences in the north of Europe… The bright colors, incredible atmosphere, the fresh air, mixed with its beautiful natural landscapes and river canals, Stockholm make the perfect place to expend a wonderful summer. The particularity of Stockholm are its outdoor activities. The varriety of alternatives for its locals and visitor were they can choose different activities every day, makes Stockholm the perfect place for adventure seekers; Free concerts, outdoor parties, perfect areas for swim in the refreshing Mälaren river, barbecues in every open spot of the city, or just hang out with friends while enjoying delicious traditional dishes or just a glass of ice champagne. it’s an amazing summer experience.

Last Monday, one of the largest tematic parks in the city, (In Djurgården) introduce one of the biggest celebrities in the world, Johnny depp was presented in concert with his Rock&Roll band, Hollywood Vampires, alongside with the huge legends as Alice Cooper and Joe Perry (Aerosmith guitarist). Front of the stage almost 17 thousand people were attendig by the curiosity or charm of this particular band and its celebrity members, which was practically free, because the cost of concert is included within the packages of the attractions park.

By George von Zuvic

By George von Zuvic

The musician and Actor, Johnny Depp With his electric guitar in hand and rocker look (quite out of the ussual pretensions of Hollywood style), delight all those present with a repertoire of songs that all presents could sing alone, while he pranced all over the stage generating the outpouring of all ladies and masculines. It is amazing that the Stockholm Experiences allow us all to participate in all this activities held throughout the city during the summer, making this kind of experiences accessible to all public; Getting to see and enjoy all this greatest idols of the world, without the pretension or the exorbitant cost of big arena productions.

Here I share some of my own pictures of this amazing concert.!


This year at the same stage are sellected over 40 local and international artists, as Lionel Richie or Youtuber Troy Sivan … And as Johnny depp did, hope you all and they enjoy the amazing to experience of been a summer in Stockholm.

George Von Zuvic.

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